McPherson College’s R3 Degree Completion Program is off to a great start for the new year. The program is experiencing significant growth which can be partly attributed to successful partnerships with local businesses such as Farmer’s Alliance, Hospira, and other local industries. Students Kristi Payne, Hutchinson, and Devin Jarrett, McPherson, also attribute the programs popularity with the instructors. “The great thing about the classes at McPherson College are the professors. With great teachers follows great students,” says Payne. Jarrett echoes the sentiment. “In the R3 program you can really see the passion they have for teaching and the desire to see their students succeed.”

Jenni Richardson, co-director of the R3 program states, “We are excited to see the rise in enrollment and it is a trend we expect to see continue. The R3 Program is a great way for working adults to finish their degree in an environment designed to meet the needs of their busy schedules.”

The McPherson College R3 Program is an adult degree completion program that allows working adults to complete their college degree while attending classes one night per week. Classes are held on both the McPherson College and Hutchinson Community College campuses. These aspects were especially appealing to Harvey Rotramel, Pratt, and Sandra Spencer, Hutchinson. “McPherson College was close [with] the convenience of having a lot of the classes at HCC,” states Spencer. “I liked the fact that it was not a ‘mail order degree’,” Rotramel included. “And it was do-able as far as the needed commute from my residence in Pratt to McPherson or Hutchinson. In summary, a real education, a real degree, and all within my logistical restraints.”

For more information regarding the McPherson College R3 Degree Completion Program please call Jenni Richardson or Rod Gieselman at 800-365-7402 or by e-mail at You can also visit the website by logging onto