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History & Politics | Student Research


Senior Seminar Papers

This is a partial list of completed papers.
*denotes membership in Phi Alpha Theta

* Christopher S. LaBrie, “Far out Dreaming at the General Motors Motorama: The Glamorous Shows of Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” 2009.

* Brett Mowry, “Allah Akbar: ‘God is Great’,” 2009.

* Eric A. Sader, “Yankee Doodle Came to Town, Upon a Naval Convoy: The ‘American Invasion’ and Perceptions of the New Zealand Mainstream, Beyond Security and into the Home,” 2009.

Tiffany Curry, “A Rain of Ruin: The Fall of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” 2008.

Michael Davis, “SAE: Changing Society One Nut at a Time,” 2008.

* Dan Farley, “Within a Yard: Wichita State Football,” 2008.

* Jessica Foulke, “The Accidental Activist: Bob Dole and Women's Rights from 1969 to 1996,” 2008.

Michael Silva, “Passion or Glory: Richard the Lionheart's Ambition Towards the Holy Land,” 2008.

Jeff Balman, “The Nineteenth Century Settlement of Hodgeman County, Kansas,” 2007.

* Katie Hill, “Lights, Camera, Action: A Look at How the State of the Union Address has Changed Over the Years,” 2007.

Dan Hudachek, “Lumber, Liquor, and Leisure: The Wolf Brewery from 1868 till Prohibition,” 2007.

* Jace Lobato, “Judge Rope: The Pleasant Richardson Read Lynching,” 2007.

Derrick Ward, “The Early History of the Electric Automobile,” 2007.

* James Keith, “A View from the Top: An Analysis of the Major Advertising Campaigns of Cadillac and LaSalle from 1903-1964,” 2006.

* Beth Krehbiel, “Containing Immorality: Foreign Policy of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles,” 2006.

* Constance B. Miller, “Blood Money: The Crimes of Duane Pope, Class of ’65,” 2006.

America B. Patton, “A Historical and Political Overview of the Black Panther Party,” 2006.

Robert Louis 'Luke' Spence, "Walter Percy Chrysler," 2006.

Dan Butler, “Theodore Roosevelt and His Influence on the Panama Canal,” 2005.

* Luke Eberly, “Dirt, Determination, and White Knuckles: Automobile Racing in Early America, 1895-1942,” 2005.

Andrew Gustafson, “The Second Punic War,” 2005.

* Jadelle Thomas, “Death of Democracy: The Internment of Japanese-Americans to Amache and other Camps,” 2005.

* Philip R. Michael, “Kansas Eugenics,” 2004.

* Matt Tobias, “Native American Boarding Schools in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries,” 2004.

Wm. Dale Wullenschneider, “The Founding of McPherson College,” 2004.

* Luke Chennell, "Giants on the Prairie: The Avery Company of Peoria, Illinois," 2003.

Lee J. Harper, "Jesuits in Japan for the Monolingual: A Historiography of Western, English Language Sources for the Christian Century in Japan," 2003.

Mike Buum, "The French Revolution and the Role of the Aristocracy," 2002.

Jason Chalashtari, "The Impact of the Horse on Cheyenne Society (How the Horse Changed a Culture)," 2002.

Jackie Legros, "Freedom from the Slave Master: The Haitian Revolution, 1791-1803," 2002.

* Phillip A. Sill, "The Robbing of the Medicine Valley Bank in 1884," 2002.

* Bill Sroufe, "'I'll Meet you in Heaven': The Lynching of Commodore True," 2002.

Jerramy Bowen, "A Fight for Justice," 2001.

* Adam R. Bryant, "The Life and World of Britain's Legendary King," 2001.

Eric Gustafson, "The Rifle in the American Civil War," 2001.

Rhea Meyer-Riley, "Unheard Voices from the Past: Women and their Roles in Classical Athens," 2001.

* Mary F. Burkholder, "The Religious Dilemmas of King Charles I," 2000.

Dana L. Cordova, "A Study of the Catholic Congregation in Trinidad, Colorado," 2000.

Dan Holtry, "A Study of the Cowboy Culture: Facts Within the Myth of Cowboy Emphasis on the Common Man," 2000.

* Ben Matthaei, "The Peloponnesian War and the Reason for the Athenian Defeat," 2000.

Ben Proctor, "The Normandy Invasion: A Soldier's Battle," 2000.

Trent L. Woodcock, "No Rain, No Problem: An Introduction to the Dust Bowl," 2000.

Shelly E. D. Hendricks, "A Glimpse of Ecumenicity: An Overview of the Relationship between the Church of the Brethren and the National World Councils of Churches," 1999.

Brett A. Johnson, "Baseball's Other League," 1999.

* Aaron Cox, "Winston Churchill: A Man of Vision and Valor," 1998.

Jarrod Miller, "A History of Little River High School Basketball," 1998.

* Jennifer L. Richardson, "A Lutheran Controversy," 1998.

Mark L. Boyer, "A Bibliograpical Survey of the Nazi Rise to Power," 1997.

* Daniel Joseph Marchewka, "Native American Church," 1997.

* Pascal T. Reber, "World War II Remembered," 1996.

Brian P. Ward, Untitled paper on the history of Catholicism, 1996.

* Bruce L. Lolling, "McPherson: In the Beginning," 1995.

Sandra Lynn Strode, "The Ku Klux Klan: A Review of the Literature," 1995

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