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Programs | Online Summer Courses 2013

Classes begin June 3 and end August 11, 2013


Course # Course Title Professor Credits
G-MA 105
College Algebra
Michael Reynolds 4


Students we think will be attracted to summer study online:

  • Any student who needs and wants to complete a general education requirement
  • Athletes who want to lighten their workload during their playing season
  • Education students who want to complete the Educational Technology course using this very appropriate format
  • Students who are not planning to work over the summer
  • Juniors or seniors who might be considering online graduate school and want to try out the format


Courses will be listed under Summer 2 Session 2013.

Students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to enroll unconditionally. Students whose cumulative GPAs are between 2.0 and 2.49 may be enrolled with conditions. (For example, they will be required to attend a face-to-face orientation session before they leave for home.)They will be considered on a case-by-case basis; their admittance will be based on approval by the instructor and feedback from MC faculty who have taught them.

Last day to drop the course and receive a full refund: June 10
75% refund if the course is dropped between June 11 and June 17
50% refund if the course is dropped between June 18 and July 1
25% refund if the course is dropped between July 2 and July 15
No refunds if the course is dropped after July 15

Last day to withdraw without a grade: July 15


A free, mandatory Orientation to Online Learning begins May 23.

Students may choose to complete orientation face-to-face or online. One-day, face-to-face orientation sessions will be offered on campus on May 23, 24 or 25. Alternately, students may work at their own pace between May 23 and May 31 to complete orientation online.

Classes begin June 3 and end August 11.

Students must have the textbooks required for their course by June 3. Students who do not have their textbook will be dropped from the course.

There will be no online instruction the week of July 4.


This year’s cost again will be $250 per credit hour.

Other Considerations

Students can expect to spend between 12 and 15 hours per week on a 3-credit course.

Students can expect to have deadlines for work to be completed. Those deadlines can occur any time during the week.

To help ensure the integrity of the online learning process, instructors will be encouraged to require at least one proctored test or synchronous interview (e.g., via Skype).

Instructors will be discouraged from allowing students to complete assignments after August 11.

Am I cut out to be an online learner?

Who is Likely to Succeed Online?
The collaborative online learning environment is highly dependent on written dialog and high synergy; therefore; online students must assume an active role in the Virtual Classroom and understand the important characteristics necessary to succeed. Attitude, skills and commitment determine whether a student is a good candidate for the online experience. Online students must be mature, open-minded, self-motivated, accepting of critical thinking, willing to work collaboratively, and trusting of the online experience. Good written communication skills and a minimum level of technological experience are necessary. Finally, the students must commit the time necessary (about 15 hours per week for McPherson classes) to stay current, and they must have access to the necessary equipment.

Learn about online learning on YouTube:  video length: 3:09 Minutes

Test yourself! Go to:




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