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Senior Presentations 2014



Natural ScienceS

Senior Research Forum
1 PM - 4:30 PM
Mingenback Theatre

History and Politics

Thesis Presentations
7 PM
Melhorn 112
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Research Symposium
11:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Performing Arts

Senior Recital - E.H. Petropulos
7 PM
Brown Auditorium

Honors Recital
7 PM
Brown Auditorium


Senior Presentations
3 PM - 4 PM
Melhorn 112

Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Whalen, “Utilizing the Social Transaction Theory to Understand Organizational Culture Change”


Senior Exhibits
MONDAY, MAY 5 (thru May)
Friendship Hall

Reception Friday, May 23
7 PM - 8:30 PM


Senior Presentations
Templeton Hall, Rm 5B


Senior Presentations
5 PM - 7 PM
Mohler 231



The final assignments of seniors graduating in 2014 were as follows:

NATURAL SCIENCES: Senior Research Forum

  • Lori M. Crain, McPherson, Kan.: Germination of Twins in Intermediate Wheatgrass
  • Sean De Young, Anaheim, Calif.: The Effects of Male-Male Competition on the Mating Behavior of Rabidosa punctulata
  • Alejandro Esparza, Rosemead, Calif.: HPLC Caffeine Quantification of Various Energy Drinks and Caffeine Consumption Habits Survey among Young Adults
  • Alexandria Paparella, McPherson, Kan..: Descriptive Analysis of Tree Composition and Diversity in a Coastal Tropical Lowland Moist Secondary Forest in Puerto Rico
  • Christian A. Rodriguez, North Las Vegas, Nev.: Wolf spiders maximize speed through substrate preferences during escapes
  • Sebastian Toro, Northridge, Calif.: Comparing the gut microbiomes of arachnids that differ in feeding ecology


HISTORY AND POLITICS: Thesis Presentations

  • Mark Mahan, Fullerton, Calif.: “The Arab Spring: Social Hostilities and Government Restrictions in Egypt, 2009-2011.”
  • Lindsey Wedel, Newton, Kan.:  “Kansas Producers’ Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Crops.”
  • Megan Pohlmann, Deshler, Neb.:  “The Weight of One Man:  Ghost Dance Reaction of 1890.”
  • Brooks Walsh, Valencia, Calif.: “Soccer: The Sport that Almost was the American Past-time.”
  • Jacob Patrick, Elizabeth, Colo.: “Wartime Bonding: Application of the Alternatives Path Model of Communication on WWII Servicemen.” (Winner of Best Thesis from the department)
  • Vincent Donato, Canyon Country, Calif.: “Causes of the Worldwide Drop in Malaria Infections and Deaths in 2005.”
  • Bennett Ratzloff, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: “A Study of Textbook Validity and the Teaching Chattel Slavery in American Secondary Education.”
  • Tori Carder, Eudora, Kan.: “International Impact on Civil Rights in the 1940s.”



  • Emma French, McPherson, Kan.: “That’s So Gay: An Assessment of College Student Attitudes Toward Sexual Identity.”
  • Christopher Barnes, Los Angeles, Calif.: “Music’s Effect on the Health and Happiness of College Students.”
  • Samantha Peterson, Olathe, Kan.: “Athletes Consuming Alcohol.”
  • David Anderson, Aurora, Colo.: “Attitudes Towards Interracial Dating: Jungle Fever.”
  • Karina Harvey, Walton, Kan.: “A Comparative Study of Treatment Plans Prescribed to Minors.”
  • Havelock Pomele, Milpitas, Calif.: “Relationships Between Mood and Athletic Performance.”
  • Jordan Slaton, Dodge City, Kan.: “Are You Overworked?”
  • Amanda Fleming, Formoso, Kan.: “A Study of Independence and Conformity Among College Students.”
  • Rachel Phillips, Wichita, Kan.: “Contact Hypothesis: Racial Attitudes Among Students.”
  • Cody Cannon, McPherson, Kan.: “Student-Parents at McPherson College.”
  • Lenton Abram, Ingelwood, Calif.: “Are You Perceived as More or Less Intelligent Depending on How You Dress?”
  • Cole Long, Medicine Lodge, Kan.: “What Makes a Person Gamble?”
  • Kara Wright, Wichita, Kan.: “Children’s Imitation Based on Modeling.”
  • Kyle Stewart, Topeka, Kan.: “Gender Differences of Post-Concussion Symptoms.”
  • Phillip Wilson, Long Beach, Calif.: “Relationship Satisfaction: ‘Happy, Happy Couple.’”
  • Matraca Ewy, Halstead, Kan.: “The Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Depression in Long-Term Care Facility.”
  • Charlotte Schwab, Arvada, Calif: “Factors and Effects of College-Aged Binge Drinking.”
  • Kaila Atkinson, Magnolia, Texas: “The Stress of Athletics and How it Affects Academic Performance.”
  • Ariel McGee, Parker, Colo.: “Contributions of a Leader.”



Senior Recital - E.H. Petropulos, Larkspur, Colo.

2013-14 Theatre Season
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

Kristie Gutierrez
Alyese Crist
Sarah Schowengerdt

Moon Over Buffalo
Zach Winkle

Into the Woods
E. H. Petropulos

Dramaturg - Justin Biegger

BUSINESS: Capstone class

Business majors complete a capstone class their final spring semester. The rigorous case study-oriented class simulates real-world situations. The final case study involves students divided into consulting teams, who present to a panel of highly qualified professional businesspeople.

Majors in the class in the spring semester include:
Ashley Allmon, McPherson, Kan.; Joshua Aubuchon, Rose Hill, Kan.; Victor Betancourt, Miami, Fla.; Andrew Butcher, Atlantic, Iowa; Lance Butler, Torrance, Calif.; Jerod Corbus, McPherson, Kan.; Kyle Dennis, Newport, N.H.; Sean Dullaghan, Los Angeles, Calif.; Josh Dunback, Wamego, Kan.; Yosa Figueroa, Sacramento, Calif.; Rafa Fuentes, Canyon Country, Calif. Brian Gahagan, McPherson, Kan.; Emily Girard, Osborne, Kan.; Ethan Gutierrez, Yuba City, Calif.; Jordon Hargitt, Quinter, Kan.; Nolan Huelsmann, Goddard, Kan.; Devirous Johnson, Bear, Del.; Terrance Jones, Wichita, Kan.; Mark Mahan, Fullerton, Calif.; Johnny Nuthall, McPherson, Kan.; Taylor Parrott, Wichita, Kan.; John Regier, McPherson, Kan.; Austin Russell, McPherson, Kan.; Shea Schweizer, Plevna, Kan.; Dorian Shelton, Kansas City, Mo.; Jessica Sommers, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; William Tebbetts, Gorham, Maine; Aspen Ulrich, Sylvan Grove, Kan.; Taylor Werts, Mansfield, Texas; and Sam Williams, Storm Lake, Iowa.

VISUAL ARTS: Senior Exhibits

Matthew Richards, Goessel, Kan.; Evan Hiebert, Buhler, Kan.; A.J. Brinkley, Lansing, Kan.; Cole Base, Halstead, Kan.; Taylor Gillespie, Chase, Kan.; Tyler Holloway, Hiawatha, Kan.; and Cord Cunningham, Ottawa, Kan.

AUTO RESTORATION: Senior Presentations

  • Rusty Andersen, Hastings, Minn., and Derek Stephenson, Great Bend, Kan.: 1966 Mustang 2+2
  • Jared Buckert, Warsaw, Ill., and Fred Miller, McPherson, Kan.: 1929 Stutz Blackhawk
  • Blair Darsch, Hamstead, Md.: 1950 Mercury mild custom convertible interior
  • Cole Base, Halstead, Kan.; Justin Crenshaw, Wichita, Kan.; Cody Turnbull, Rushville, Mo.; and Austin Smith, Dallas, Texas: 1929 Model A Sedan Delivery (woodie)


COMMUNICATION: Senior Presentations

  • Ashlie Manzi, Goddard, Kan.: “Phil Robertson vs. A&E Network: Was Suspension Really Necessary?”
  • Brendan Miller, Taber, Alberta: “The Media’s Reporting of Rob Ford - Crack-Smoking Mayor”
  • Kiara Mathis, Hays, Kan.: “Delayed Execution: Actions and Reactions”
  • Deon Shorter, Pasadena, Calif.: “Honey! It’s Not What It Looks Like: The Emotional Display of Dez Bryant”
  • Breahna Gillespie, Chase, Kan.: “Guth vs. University: Should Tweets Be Protected by Freedom of Speech?”
  • Tyler Bruton, McPherson, Kan.: “Money Over Morals: A Mock Funeral and Parasocial Interaction”





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