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Royer Center for Academic Development


The Royer Center provides a variety of help services and instruction in strategies for success at McPherson College.  We offer subject tutors in our Tutoring Program, writing tutors in The Writing Center, and instruction in study skills and reading skills, through two courses, ID100 College Learning Skills and ID106 College Reading Skills. 

We also welcome walk-ins who are seeking help with a variety of college success skills (time management, note-taking, test-taking, stress management, etc.). 

The Royer Center also provides Academic Disability Services for students with documented learning disabilities or other disabilities, temporary or permanent, that substantially affect a student’s learning process.  If you need assistance with this, please contact Carole Barr, by email or by phone, ext. 2507 or direct dial 620-242-0507.


Our writing tutors, working regular hours and by appointment, provide a tutoring service for any students, faculty, or staff who want assistance with a writing project.  Tutors are trained to help at any stage of the writing process, with writers of any skill level.  We provide the service free of charge.

The Writing Center is open this semester from 6pm-10pm on Sunday and 7pm-10pm Monday through Thursday.

Tutoring Program:

Our subject tutors provide a tutoring service in almost any subject being offered at McPherson College.  We provide the service free of charge.  If you need a tutor, please contact Carole Barr, by email or by phone, ext. 2507 or direct dial 620-242-0507.

Listed below are the group tutoring opportunities we have available so far this semester.

College Chemistry I  -  Tuesday at 1:00pm and Thursday at 8:30pm on the main floor of Miller Library

Biology (Principles of Biology and College Biology I) - Wednesday at 8:30pm and Thursday at 7:30pm on main floor of Miller Library  - we may update this later if we have enough students for a separate time for each course.

Elementary Economics (Macro)  -  Wednesday at 8:00pm and Friday at 4:00pm on the main floor of Miller Library

Math night (for any math dept. course) – Monday at 7:00pm and Tuesday at 7:00pm on main floor of Miller Library

We also have tutors for Financial Accounting and Journalism on an individual basis. If a student needs help with a course not on this list, please ask him/her to fill-out the tutor request form available on the bulletin board outside my office or to email me.

Times and availability of tutoring groups may change depending on demand. If a student cannot attend the scheduled group time, please remind her/him that individual tutoring is available upon request.


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Carole Barr
Director of Student Success
(620) 242-0507


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