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Scholarships & Awards | Art


Art Scholarship

Students who would like to be considered for an Art Scholarship should complete the following steps:

  • Contact McPherson College by phone at 800-365-7402 or by email at to indicate your interest in attending Art Scholarship Day.

  • Complete an application for admission to McPherson College. An online application is available here.

  • A letter of recommendation from one or more HS art teachers. This letter should include comments that pertain to artistic skills, ability to be successful as an art major at the college level, overall character and high school academic performance.

  • A written statement as to why the student is choosing to major in art including personal and professional goal.

You will schedule a time that is convenient for both you and the art faculty to meet with you individually and review your portfolio. You will not be competing against other entrants. Bring your portfolio with you - please do not send your portfolio to us. See portfolio guidelines below.

Final decisions for amounts of scholarships awarded will be based on the quality of the portfolio, overall academic performance, strength of recommendation from a high school art teacher and written personal statement. Scholarships could be up to $1000.

Portfolio Guidelines

  • The portfolio must include a minimum of 10 pieces of artwork but should not exceed 15 pieces.

  • The portfolio may include any combination of two-dimensional and three dimensional work.

  • There are no limitations as to media used in producing the work.

  • Graphic Design students can show examples of layout design, packaging design and/or multi-media presentations. Students will be evaluated on creativity, concept, overall design and execution of materials. We do have MAC computers on campus for your use if necessary.

  • Overall quality is important, so submit best work only. It is better to show us 10 really strong works of art as opposed to adding 4 or 5 pieces that aren’t as strong.

  • Presentation is so important in the art world. Students should consider matting works done on paper and simple frames on canvas. Small three-dimensional works could be presented against a cloth or paper background.

  • Photos or slides of works should be avoided




Office of Admissions: 800-365-7402 | 620-242-0400 |

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