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Ag Executive’s Successful Journey Began At McPherson College


Myron Stine is an entrepreneur. 

As the vice president of sales and marketing for Stine Seed – the largest independent seed company in the United States – Myron Stine has been essential to the company’s continued growth, building on its  30-year reputation as experts in seed technology and innovation.

Myron attributes this success to  McPherson College, where he got the personal attention, work ethic and independent spirit to achieve success as an agricultural executive

He said the close community at McPherson College was a perfect fit to prepare him for the high expectations of those in the farming industry.

“It’s the people who the school attracts that make the difference,” Stine said.

Stine Seed was founded in Iowa by Harry Stine, Myron Stine’s father and also a McPherson College alumnus.

Despite the family connection, when Myron Stine graduated in 1994 and started at Stine Seed, he earned his stripes by driving tractors and working the fields.

He worked up the ladder to district sales manager, to regional sales, to national sales, to his current executive job – drawing on his McPherson College education all along the way. His job requires an active, hands-on approach.

“It’s not a deal where you sit behind a desk all day long and shout out orders,” Stine said. “You have to be heavily involved with everyone to know what they’re going through. You have to have the attitude of being a servant and a leader at the same time – not a boss.”

For Myron Stine, these keys to being a successful manager and entrepreneur began at McPherson College.

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