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Board of Trustees | Job Description


Position Title: Member, Board of Trustees

Reports to: Chair of Board and Constituents

A board member may serve for two consecutive 5-year terms. Following such service and a one-year absence, a board member may be asked to serve again.

Board Responsibility:
Ultimately, the Board holds McPherson College in trust for a variety of constituents that support and depend on our unique contribution to church related, career oriented liberal arts, higher education. This trust undergirds each of these primary Board responsibilities:

  1. Setting mission and purposes.
  2. Hiring the president.
  3. Supporting the president.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the president’s performance.
  5. Assessing board performance.
  6. Insisting on strategic planning.
  7. Reviewing Scholarship, Participation, & Service programs.
  8. Ensuring adequate resources.
  9. Ensuring good management.
  10. Preserving institutional independence.
  11. Relating campus to community and community to campus.
  12. Serving occasionally as a court of appeal.
  13. Avoiding conflicts of interest – real or perceived.

Principal Activities of a Board Member:

  1. Serve the institution as a whole.
  2. Attend all board meetings and actively participate in decision-making.
  3. Serve on at least one committee of the board.
  4. Support and participate in fund raising activities.
  5. Serve as a goodwill ambassador for the institution.
  6. Consider a leadership position if asked to do so.

Desired Characteristics:
A member of the McPherson College Board of Trustees must demonstrate a commitment to church-related, career-oriented liberal arts education and must possess a combination of wit, wisdom, wealth, and work ethic that contributes to the effective performance of the Board and the College.


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