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Board of Trustees | Candidate Selection Process


The College has an ongoing need for qualified trustees who can contribute to the operation of the Board of Trustees and thereby contribute to the success of the College. Successful selection of new Trustees will normally use the following three steps:

  1. Recommendation by a College constituent (current or former trustee, current or former College employee, Church of the Brethren member, an alumnus, local resident, etc.).
  2. Review by Committee on Trustees (COT) to determine interest and qualifications.
  3. Election by Board of Trustees.


To facilitate the collection of the broadest possible list of prospects, the COT will annually request that the various constituent groups provide recommendations of persons for consideration as a member of the Board of Trustees for McPherson College.

The constituent groups to be canvassed include:

  • College alumni
  • Church of the Brethren Districts: Western Plains, Northern Plains, Missouri/Arkansas, and Southern Plains
  • McPherson Community: alums in McPherson County, MIDC, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Current and former trustees

To insure that consideration of a recommendation is reasonably informed, the Committee on Trustees has developed a Trustee Prospect Form that is used to gather and document information about recommended individuals based on the Guidelines for Desired Board Composition. In requesting recommendations, it would be best if the request included a copy of the Trustee Prospect form or referred persons to the College website where the form would be available.

In any event, responses to such requests will likely take two forms:

  1. Names submitted by an identified individual via written or verbal contact
  2. Names submitted anonymously in response to a survey
    The College staff will compile a list of Recommended Persons.

If a name is submitted by an identified source, the College may request that person complete the Trustee Prospect form to the best of their knowledge. Upon receipt of the form from a recommending person, the College staff will supplement that data with information from College files and other reasonably obtainable public data.

If a name is received with no further information regarding the person making the recommendation, the College staff will compile a list of such names for COT review. Upon request, the College staff will complete a Trustee Prospect form based upon information possessed by the College or reasonably obtainable from various public sources.


Regardless of the type of recommendation, upon review of the list of names and/or Prospect Forms, the COT may then elect to contact the recommended person to obtain a clearer understanding of the qualifications and interests of the recommended party for potential service as a Trustee. It is likely that the COT representative will either prepare an original Trustee Prospect form or verify, revise, or supplement the data on the original form.

During these conversations, the COT will also take necessary steps to assure that the prospect is fully aware of the expectations of McPherson College trusteeship.

Following such data gathering, the COT will determine if the recommended individual is qualified and should be added to the list of Qualified Candidates.


Each year, based on the pending vacancies in the Board and a comparison of the Board Talent Inventory Worksheet and the Guidelines for Desired Board Composition, the COT will develop a slate of Trustee Nominations for consideration and action by the full Board of Trustees.

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