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Global Enterprise Challenge

Student challenge to help bring awareness to the Haiti Medical Project.

Horizon Fund

Horizon FundMicro-grants of just $500 through the college’s Horizon Fund have made a significant difference in the lives of enterprising MC students.

Entrepreneurship Minor

MC Entrepreneurship ClassThe Transformative Entrepreneurship Minor helps students understand the risks and processes involved in an entrepreneurial venture.

Michael Schneider“How do we give liberal arts value? We’re going to lift it up through the entrepreneurial mindset, because we want our graduates to be enterprising and perceptive.” – President Michael Schneider

Entrepreneurship on Campus:

E News @ MC

8Feb, 2016

Jump Start Kansas at McPherson College Invites All Kansas High School Students to Receive Up to $500 for Great Ideas

McPherson College wants to be the angel investors for Kansas high school students’ great ideas.

With the 5th annual Jump Start Kansas competition coming soon, McPherson College is continuing […]

29Jan, 2016

Mohler Lecturer to Speak On Making Social Entrepreneurship Possible for All

Read a story about social entrepreneurship – such as Kiva, Terracycle, Teach for America – and one might think, “Great, but I could never do that.”

In that case, […]

20Nov, 2015

Global Enterprise Challenge Winners at McPherson College Propose Entrepreneurial Marketing Campaign for Haiti

On the fifth anniversary of the “Global Enterprise Challenge” (GEC) at McPherson College, students accepted the contest challenge to use the power of marketing and social media to […]

6Nov, 2015

‘Global Enterprise Challenge’ at McPherson College Tasks Students to Create Campaign for Haiti Project

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Microsoft founder Bill Gates are names that come to mind at the word “entrepreneur” – creators of successful billion-dollar […]

31Oct, 2015

Horizon Fund at McPherson College Awards Grants to Young Entrepreneurs

In October, McPherson College gave money to its students for 11 ideas in the first round of Horizon Fund grants this year.

Since it was established in 2010, the […]

27Oct, 2015

‘Horizon Faculty Fellowship’ at McPherson College Helps Entrepreneurial Professors

There are teachers and professors who look beyond the day-to-day work, who dream farther, and who help their students develop an innovative mindset. These professors see clearly what […]

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MC students have received Horizon Fund grants.