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Global Enterprise Challenge

Student charity competition to win a trip to Ethiopia with Dr. Herb Smith.

Horizon Fund

Horizon FundMicro-grants of just $500 through the college’s Horizon Fund have made a significant difference in the lives of enterprising MC students.

Entrepreneurship Minor

MC Entrepreneurship ClassThe Transformative Entrepreneurship Minor helps students understand the risks and processes involved in an entrepreneurial venture.

Michael Schneider“How do we give liberal arts value? We’re going to lift it up through the entrepreneurial mindset, because we want our graduates to be enterprising and perceptive.” – President Michael Schneider

Entrepreneurship on Campus:

E News @ MC

15May, 2015

President of McPherson College to Present Doctoral Research at International Symposium

Dr. Michael Schneider, the President of McPherson College, will present his doctoral research at an international symposium in June.

The Deshpande Symposium in Lowell, Mass., brings together those interested […]

14Apr, 2015

Harter Lecturer at McPherson College Talks On the Life-and-Death Difference a Bit of Soap Makes

Three facts of Derreck Kayongo’s life led to him creating a global social venture that saves lives.

His father was a soap-maker.
He saw the deadly effects of poor hygiene […]

30Mar, 2015

Horizon Fund at MC Funds More Student Ideas

A more joyful campus filled with songbirds, a service giving free spa facials, a business refurbishing old furniture – all great ideas from McPherson College students, all of […]

16Feb, 2015

McPherson College’s Jump Start Kansas Competition Gives Cash for High School Students’ Great Ideas

From grocery carts that can turn on a dime to a business that will wait for you in line – and more – McPherson College’s Jump Start Kansas […]

7Nov, 2014

Global Enterprise Challenge: Ethiopia

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014, McPherson College is launching a challenge for students to help bring awareness and raise funds for the PET mobility project and […]

29Sep, 2014

McPherson College Partners With Youth Entrepreneurs

As a premier college in Kansas for entrepreneurship education, working with Wichita-based Youth Entrepreneurs makes sense.

This week, McPherson College and Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) announced an official partnership with […]

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MC students have received Horizon Fund grants.