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Abbey Archer-Rierson


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In September of 2010, McPherson College had a "big idea" - that the classic concept of liberal arts was intimately tied to the modern idea of Entrepreneurship. The faculty and staff then started to weave the concepts of entrepreneurship across the curriculum and student life, regardless of a student's chosen major.


The idea transcends any one department, giving students the room to experiment and explore - while still landing on their feet. McPherson College students discover that the only failure is the failure to learn.



Entrepreneurship Minor

The Transformative Entrepreneurship Minor helps students understand the risks and processes involved in an entrepreneurial venture.

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Entrepreneurship Faculty

Faculty currently teaching the Transformative Entrepreneurship minor.



Faculty and staff working together to help find the next steps for entrepreneurship across campus.

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Horizon Fund Stories

Micro-grants of just $500 through the college’s Horizon Fund have made a significant difference in the lives of enterprising MC students.
See what Horizon Fund students are doing

Where are They Now?

An update on three grant recipients - now grads - from year one of the Horizon Fund.
Zack Gaddis, Emily James and Dale Schwartz



President Schneider is interviewed by KWCH (CBS) about the $1.2 million anonymous gift to entrepreneurship initiative.


Dr. Betsy Gatewood talks about the Entrepreneurship Fellow position and entrepreneurship at McPherson College.


President Michael Schneider introduces the Horizon Fund initiative to help fund students who have original entrepreneurial ideas.

Entrepreneurship Blog