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Abbey Rierson


To submit your application and/or questions please contact Abbey Archer-Rierson at 620-242-0439 or





A list of the most recent students who have received the Horizon Fund:


2013-2014 grants

Alexandra Moore, Abby Trenkle, Kylie Sanchez, Ashley Schweizer: Food for you

Ashley Frankenbery: Pre-professional club

Christopher Barnes: InboxMe

Dominique Clemens: DJ Company

Jordyn Lipe: The Dog Bowl

Lara Neher: Neherly New Restorations

Nathan & Kylece: Hype Entertainment

Spencer Mahurt: Flyboycompany

Tiffany Fraser & Willie Stockton: Golden Prom & Two with the Tude/Puppies 

Tyler Frazier: cookies, cupcakes, small cakes

Tyler Henning: Marvelous Metal LLC


Alexandra Moore/ Abby Trenkle: Food for You

Cole Base: trim shop

Crystalyn Kleist: Fine Fruits an all-natural fruit snack company

David Jussel: flipping classic farm trucks and Vintage plate design

Deon Shorter: telling stories of people’s life in McPherson/ book

Devirous Johnson: women’s clothing line

Ingrid Dryden: cruelty free makeup/ website

Jacob O’Gorman: RedEye. Historical research for vintage and classic cars.

Jordyn Lipe: Dog Bowl-coffee/homemade baked goods

Kayla Osborn: redoing furniture

Samson Shivers: Hand Up, So What t-shirts

Tyler Bruton: digitize photo album

Zach Oller: foot odor control product


Adam Porter: provide professional and functional website design and development.

Alexandra Moore & Tessa Szambecki: Simple way to help people make their hopes and dreams concrete by attaching a lock with a goal written on to some type of architecture/art piece. 

Andrew Butcher: Start a collision/custom paint shop.

Chris Barnes: Mail alert system, “InboxMe”.

Cole Base: Do upholstery and soft trim work for people on a budget.

Cole Tuttle: Create hand turned pens and pencils using a small lathe and high quality wood pen blanks.

Daniel May: Cook and sell arepas.

D'onte Woods: T-shirt promotion through modeling/“Kingz Live Forever” 

Joel Kellogg: Design and print shirts using existing screen printing press

Jordyn Lipe: Dog Bowl LLC

Maci Grimes: Start a small nail salon for MC students.

Rusty Andersen: Custom paint. “Swarfin Paint”

Sam Polifka: Speak about leadership.

Sean Dullaghan: His Company “Fermeanttobe” will produce a variety of fermented foods starting with “Jarlic,” which is fermented garlic.

Taylor Gillispie: Creating a graphic design freelance business that specializes in personal and professional branding.

Tyler Bruton: Expand his “Digital Memories” business. Converting photos and videos into electronic format.




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