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Jump Start Kansas 2012 finalists

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Recycled Steel Water Bottle Business, Information Website for Teens Win $5,000 Grants in Jump Start Kansas Feb 15, 2012

McPherson College Selects Jump Start Kansas Finalists for Chance at $5,000 Feb 8, 2012



Congratulations to the 2013 Competition Participants!


Second Annual JumpStart Kansas at McPherson College Gives Top Prizes to Inspirational Game, Custom Bra Business


About the Competition


Do you have a great idea for a new product, service or social venture?

Have you ever wanted a chance to bring that idea to life?

Then enter the $5,000 Jump Start Kansas competition for Kansas High School students!


If your idea is innovative and holds real promise to be successful in the market, you can win $5,000 – a great reward for your entrepreneurial dreaming and seed capital to start turning your idea into reality.


With our competition you can put your idea in motion and have experts in business and entrepreneurship assist you along the way. In addition, you will meet other high school students from across Kansas who are creative thinkers just like you.

Sound interesting? Well, it’s time to get started!

The perks:



Awards will be given for the winning idea in two separate categories:


(1) The commercial idea category award will be given to the best commercial business venture idea. A commercial business is one that primarily seeks to generate profits by selling products or services in exchange for money.


(2) The social idea category award will be given to the best social venture idea. A social venture is one that primarily seeks to generate “social value,” not monetary value. Social ideas should be centered around “making meaning” rather than “making profit” and should identify a social change such as increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong, or preventing the end of something good. A social entrepreneur may generate profits, but for him/her that is not the primary reason for starting the venture. Social entrepreneurs are focused and driven to produce measurable impact by opening up new doors and pathways for things such as the environment, the marginalized and disadvantaged, and unlocking society’s full potential to effect social change.



The top idea in both the commercial and social venture categories will receive $5,000 in seed money and $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years) in scholarship to McPherson College. The remaining eight finalists will each receive $4,000 ($1,000 per year for 4 years) in scholarship money to McPherson College.

*You are not required to enroll at the college to recieve the $5,000 seed money.







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