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Check here for a list of links and other resources that focus on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset.



Books recently added to the Entrepreneurship library:

Teaching 2030: What we must do for our students now and in the future.  This book focuses on transformative teaching and becoming "teacherpreneurs" who restructure teaching and prepare students for the challenges they will face.


The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders who Shape Social and Economic Change.  Written as a result of research from Babson College, the focus is on entrepreneurial leadership that can be applied to any organization or field of study.


The Coming Jobs War.  Written by Jim Clifton of the Gallup organization this book focuses on the global war for jobs and how to create and keep good jobs in America.


Start Up Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. This book documents the strategy, dynamics, tactics, and long term perspectives required for building communities of entrepreneurs who can feed off of each other's talent, creativity and support.


The Start Up of You.  Written by the founder of LinkedIn this book details how to use the best practices of Silicon Valley to managing your life as a start up venture.


Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Small Business Marketing


Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Small Business Basics


Off Balance on Purpose:  Embrace Uncertainty. This book offers an innovative approach to facing challenges and how to integrate the many pursuits that are required of each of us everyday.



Horizon Fund Stories

Micro-grants of just $500 through the college’s Horizon Fund have made a significant difference in the lives of enterprising MC students.
See what Horizon Fund students are doing

Where are They Now?

An update on three grant recipients - now grads - from year one of the Horizon Fund.
Zack Gaddis, Emily James and Dale Schwartz



President Schneider is interviewed by KWCH (CBS) about the $1.2 million anonymous gift to entrepreneurship initiative.


Dr. Betsy Gatewood talks about the Entrepreneurship Fellow position and entrepreneurship at McPherson College.


President Michael Schneider introduces the Horizon Fund initiative to help fund students who have original entrepreneurial ideas.

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