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The President's Club came into being in 1979, through the visionary efforts of Dr. Paul Hoffman, Dr. Merlin Frantz, Mr. Eugene Lichty, Ms. Connie Andes, Mr. Sid Smith, and Mr. Jerry Holman. McPherson College was operating in the red and desperately needed a plan to balance the budget.

ANNUAL Giving Levels

President's Associates
$1000 - $2,499.99

President's Builders
$2500 - $4,999.99

President's Partners
$5000 or more

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In those first years, nearly 400 donors became part of the plan by each giving $1,000 to McPherson College's annual fund. These donors became the first members of the President's Associates Club, it's name during the first 25 years. It was not easy to donate such a large amount during that period in history. The average income per person was only $17, 500. Interest rates averaged 15.25%, the Dow closed the year at 838 points, and due to a crisis in Iran, oil prices increased around the world and the public began panic buying, making things worse.

During the MyMC campaign spanning 2005-2008, several changes were made in an effort to encourage more donors to give to the cause. During this time, there were two $25,000 matching gift challenges made, one from an anonymous alumni couple and one from Rebecca Morrison '39 of Salina, Kan. Both of these gifts made a great financial impact on the college. The name was then changed to the President's Club, with President's Associates becoming a giving level ($1,000 - $2,499.99). Other levels of giving created to encourage donors to increase their yearly gift amounts, included the President's Builders ($2,500 - $4,999.99) and President's Partners ($5,000 or more in donation to the annual scholarship fund).


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