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President SchneiderWe want to be a part of supporting change at your school district. Our program provides a place where teachers develop leadership skills through real projects that benefit your students. You get a degree and you get sustainable solutions to real challenges.”

Michael Schneider, McPherson College president

See some of the projects our recent grads worked on during the program.

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Change the World Time

This fall our first cohort enters the final semester of their program, the semester designed to enact the changes that they have conceived and developed. Because they are working […]

Rigor and Adaptive Challenges

Our MEd program is in the area of Transformational Education. This title captures our goal of creating change through embracing adaptive challenges in the classrooms where we work. Briefly, […]

What do teachers want?


I have had some interesting conversations lately about teachers and what they want from their own educations. Some of it applies directly to our M.Ed. program and its philosophies, […]