29Jun, 2015

GR+9: San Bernadino, CA to Santa Monica, CA

Today marked the final day of The Great Race.

We set out from San Bernadino, CA up into the mountains to begin the day. This was to be only a half day of racing with […]

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28Jun, 2015

GR+8: Lake Havasu, AZ to San Bernadino, CA

Today brought us up from Lake Havasu, AZ to Twentynine Palms, CA to end the day in San Bernadino, CA.

The morning took us across the state line to our start line on Route 66 […]

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26Jun, 2015

GR+7: Flagstaff, AZ to Lake Havasu, AZ

Today we left the cool heights of Flagstaff, AZ and descended into the heat of the desert.

The morning start brought us down out of Flagstaff to just outside Radiator Springs. Long speed runs were […]

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25Jun, 2015

GR+6: Gallup, NM to Flagstaff, AZ

Today marked the sixth day of the race and took us out of the New Mexico heat and way up to Flagstaff, AZ.

The morning took us out of Gallup and on to part of […]

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24Jun, 2015

GR+5: Santa Fe, NM to Gallup, NM

Today we traveled slowly from Santa Fe to Albuquerque to Gallup.

The morning began with driving to the outskirts of Santa Fe for our first morning run. After looking at the directions, we prepared for […]

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23Jun, 2015

GR+4: Amarillo, TX to Santa Fe, NM

Today marked the fourth day of the race which took us through the flat plains of Texas and into the hills of New Mexico.

Our warm-up run brought us past the famous Cadillac Ranch where […]

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22Jun, 2015

GR+3: Oklahoma City, OK to Amarillo, TX

It was a good start this morning, drawing 96 as our position number, since we could rest a bit longer in the hotel. Today Jake was to drive and Matt navigate for the first […]

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21Jun, 2015

GR+2: Springfield, MO to Oklahoma City, OK

Today marked the second day of the Great Race. Our route took us from Missouri to Oklahoma with a short jaunt through our state of Kansas!

After a solid day yesterday, Austin and Jake decided […]

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20Jun, 2015

GR+1: The Race Has Begun!

Today marked the official start of the 2015 Great Race. We took off from Kirkwood, MO in grand style with a dedicated parade and party in the downtown. From here on out we are […]

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19Jun, 2015

Trophy Run and a Few Repairs

T-minus 1 day to the official start of The Great Race.

Today was the Hagerty Trophy Run, a sort of test run to get the racers back in the feel of the race and to […]

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