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High School students participate in Math Competition Day at McPherson College

posted Mar 02, 2009 in CAMPUS EVENTS

The McPherson College campus bustled with activity and anticipation Wednesday, February 18th, during the third annual Math Competition Day. 400 visiting students arrived on campus, exuding their own school spirit and ready to start a day of problem solving.

The competition has experienced tremendous growth over the last three years, from 311 competitors at the first competition in 2007 to 400 competitors in 2009. Representation from 16 Kansas schools including Bennington, Buhler, Fairfield, Goessel, Herington, Hesston, Hillsboro, Inman, McPherson, Moundridge, Newton, Sacred Heart, Salina Central, Salina South, Smoky Valley and Trinity Catholic High School made this event a repeat success.

A huge contribution was also made by McPherson College student volunteers, as well as faculty, staff and the facility maintenance group who all donated their time in an effort towards service.

"The McPherson College Math Competition has been a great event for regional high school students, teachers, and the College for the past two years," McPherson College President Ron Hovis said, adding, "Students experience the opportunity to test their ability to solve a wide range of math problems in both an individual and team setting. The day long competition is the product of much planning and effort by the MC Math Department and Admissions staff with the support of a number of faculty and student volunteers. It is an event we look forward to each year."

Participating 9th though 12th graders met on campus to compete in both an individual test and team competition. Each school also created a unique mathematical team name. Awards were given in each grade level to the top three scorers in the individual test, top three team test winners, and to the teams that created the most unique names.

After the student's test stress subsided, both students and their math teachers were surprised to find their roles reversed. Teachers were put on the spot for "Are you Smarter than your Students?," a take-off on the game show "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" Teachers solved multiple math problems with the help of randomly chosen student teams from their school.

The day concluded with a ceremony in Brown Auditorium in which winning students and teams were presented awards by Ron Hovis, president of McPherson College. All event participants also received a Math Competition Day t-shirt designed with the slogan "keeping it realĄ­ no imaginary numbers."

Individual winners in the math competition:
9th Grade
1st place - Jared Harms, Newton
2nd place - Jacob Frye, McPherson
3rd place - Jared Janzen, Newton

10th Grade
1st place - Paul Burghart, McPherson
2nd place - Tim Stucky, Newton
3rd place - Clarissa Fenimore, McPherson

11th Grade
1st place - Megan Leary, Newton
2nd place - Kelsea Worcester, Sacred Heart
3rd place - Briana Loewen, Hillsboro

12th Grade
1st place - Seth Tolle, Inman
2nd place - David Loewen, Hillsboro
3rd place - Song Gao, Salina South

Team competition winners were:
1st place - Hillsboro
2nd place - Salina Central
3rd place - Salina South

The winners of the "Name your team" contest:
Mathedamia Nuts, Bennington High School;
Count Base e Quartet, Trinity Catholic High School;
There's No (square root of -1) in Team, Sacred Heart High School

For information about how your school can participate in the 2010 math competition, please call 800-365-7402.

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