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MC alum to be on Jeopardy

posted Apr 08, 2009 in ALUMNI

McPherson College alum Rick Robbins will appear on the popular game show Jeopardy this week.

An avid Jeopardy viewer since he watched with his grandfather at age 10, Robbins has been trying to get on the show since 1991.
Robbins described the two ways a person can be selected to be on the show—either at the studio in Los Angeles or at casting calls that take place around the U.S. Robbins has participated in both formats. Both include taking a 50 question test. Once one passes that test, he or she stays to go through an audition which includes a practice game, interview and photo. However, even if a person passes this level, they never know if they will be called back. Robbins passed each of the three to four times he took it.

“You wait so long and think you may never get called,” Robbins said. “For me, just getting the call was the high point of the experience. I was really surprised.”
Robbins’ enjoyed many aspects of his Jeopardy experience. As someone interested in history, he enjoyed viewing the MGM studio where the ‘Wizard of Oz” was made, as well as seeing everything that goes into taping a television show.

Robbins said he also enjoyed meeting some interesting people. “It’s amazing the variety of people that try out and make it,” he said.

A final comment from Robbins was, “It’s a lot harder to play the game when you’re actually there than when you’re home watching on TV.”

Jeopardy will air at 4 p.m. Thursday on NBC—Wichita.

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