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MC December Art Exhibition Reveals Love of Texture

posted Dec 15, 2011 in CAMPUS EVENTS

"Please Don’t Touch" is a common sight at art galleries, but creator of the art currently in Friendship Hall at McPherson College doesn’t mind if visitors explore with their fingers as well as their eyes.

“I think that would be pretty cool,” said Elizabeth Ball, a 2011 college alumna. “If people can appreciate it more by touching it, then that’s fine with me.”

That’s because Ball created the 30 pieces of ceramics and photography in her exhibit “Sense of Touch” to explore her love of texture and pattern. Among the pieces are richly patterned ceramic cups, bowls and wall hangings as well as black-and-white photography that brings out interesting patterns in the world – such as stacked logs and frost-covered leaves. Her own preference is to explore through her fingertips.

“I really like to touch things that I see in order to fully appreciate their beauty,” she said. “I always get my hands on them to fully appreciate them. That’s why I’ve delved into texture.”

Ball graduated from McPherson College in May, but wasn’t able to complete her senior exhibit until now because of a fall that tore ligaments in her wrist – making working on her wheelthrowing ceramics impossible.

“It was trying to improvise and figure out how I can do my artwork that I love to do while working through limitations that my body’s not allowing,” she said.

“Sense of Touch” will be on display through the end of December in Friendship Hall.

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