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McPherson College Seniors Present Final Research, Presentations

posted May 01, 2012 in ACADEMICS

Graduation is nearing for seniors at McPherson College. Before they cross the stage for their degree, seniors at McPherson College have to complete a final research paper, presentation or performance. All presentations are free and open to the public. Here are the capstone projects that seniors at MC have worked on:

7 p.m. May 1 in Melhorn 112

  • Whitney Smith, South Jordan, Utah: "Becoming an Actuary"
  • Wrylie Finkle, Wichita, Kan.: "In-depth Analysis of the Postage Stamp Problem"
  • Stephanie Johannes, Salina, Kan.: "Simply Unsolvable: The 3x+1 Problem"

  • Drew Thomsen, McPherson, Kan.: "Was Iraq a Just War?"
  • Kimberly Bruner, McPherson, Kan.: "Special Education History from the 1800s to 2004"

Behavioral Sciences
6 p.m. May 3 in Melhorn 112
  • Jason Amador, San Bernardino, Calif.: "Effects of Alcohol Use on Academic Performance"
  • Rachael Cornell, Colorado Spring, Colo.:  "Alcohol Use and Self Esteem"
  • Kelly Custer, Elkhart, Kan.: "How Do McPherson College Students View Marriage?"
  • Juliana Escobar, Brush, Colo.: "Bullying and Quality of Life"
  • Janie Gunther, Scott City, Kan.: "Mirror Self-Recognition:  A Developmental Accomplishment Acquired in Time or with Training?"
  • David Kraft, Peck, Kan.: "Drug Testing Policies:  A Look at Students' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors"
  • Taylor Lemuz, Larned, Kan. "Job Satisfaction among Restaurant Workers"
  • Ashley Martinez, LaPuente, Calif.: "Sunrise and Sunset:  The Roles They Have in Running"
  • Amy Mast, Hesston, Kan.: "Does Handwriting Correlate with Personality?"
  • Stachea Perea, Colorado Springs, Colo.: "Divorce and Involvement in Criminal Acts"
  • Courtney Shald, Coffeyville, Kan.: "A Bender Look at Drinking:  A Study of College Students' Drinking Behavior"

  • Loni Tolutau, Jr.,Kihei, Hawaii: "Weather, Temperature, and Time of Crime"
  • Jessica Vincent, Hutchinson, Kan.: "A Look at College Bullying Experiences on a Liberal Arts Campus"

Performing Arts
5 p.m. May 5 Mingenback Theatre: Kory Hiebert, Goessel, Kan.: senior voice recital.

10-11:30 a.m. May 8 and 10 Melhorn 112: Seniors in capstone "Strategy and Policy" class will present case studies and proposals to members of the McPherson business community.

2:30-4:45 p.m. May 8 Mohler 218
  • Dusty Kitchen, Oskaloosa, Kan.: "'The City Upon the Hill': The Creation of Patriots, Terrorists and the Ones Affected by Both"
  • Stephanie Kiersey, Inman, Kan.: "Bicultural Theory and Social Identity Theory: A New Way to Read 'The Joy Luck Club'"
  • Brooke Boatright, Milan, Kan.: "Results of Fantasy Accelerated Reader at McPherson Middle School vs. Traditional Accelerated Reader"
  • Ben Coffey, McPherson, Kan.: "'Do We Have to Read That Word Aloud?': A Future Teacher's Exploration of 'Huckleberry Finn' and the N-Word"

Automotive Restoration
7:30-9:30 p.m. May 1 and 3 Templeton 5B
  • Gil Censits, McPherson, Kan.; Jackson Compton, McPherson, Kan.; Justin Cude, Tempe, Ariz.; and Glenn Herman, Mulvane, Kan.: "1966 Mustang"
  • Miles Furlong, West Kingston, R.I.; Shaun Powers, McPherson, Kan.; and Bas Sobchak, Oak Hill, Va.: "1929 Blackhawk"
  • Steve Ast, Williamson, N.Y., and David Berg, East Hampton, N.Y.: "1915 Pierce-Arrow"
  • David Parry, Morganville, Kan.: "1950 Mercury"
  • Clay McConnell, Hutchinson, Kan.: "1966 Mustang Engine"
  • Stewart Mitchell, Nottingham, N.H. and Clint Wilson, Kansas, Okla.: "Model T Speedster"
  • Donald Erickson, McPherson, Kan.: "1953 Studebaker"
  • Galen Wienstroer, Kansas City, Mo.: "Honda Dream"

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