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McPherson College Senior Exhibitions Show Variety of Artistic Sensibilities

posted Dec 06, 2013 in CAMPUS EVENTS

The five McPherson College seniors currently displaying their art in Friendship Hall demonstrate the wide scope of artistic study at the college - everything from photographs to a box of pasta to the metal body of a motorcycle.

The senior shows are an opportunity for students to exhibit the culmination of four years of hard work by Jacy Porter, Little River, Kan.; Sam Tucker, Thornton, Colo.; Kristin Nelson, McPherson, Kan.; Drew Ross, Lexington, N.C.; and Ethan Lundy, Cincinnati, Ohio. About 150 works of art, graphic design and automotive design are on display through Dec. 12.

Jacy Porter’s exhibit consists primarily of her graphic design. As one of the founding leaders of Etch - a student-run graphic design and marketing firm that focuses on non-profits - her work includes both classroom projects and professional work done for Etch. Among them are graphic design for a hardware company and pasta boxes.

Porter said she’s spent hours before a computer pursuing her dream of becoming a graphic designer.

“I look back on my time at McPherson fondly,” she said. “College has been such a rewarding experience and my senior art show is a representation of that. As I continue to strive for my dream, I know I am prepared because of the people I have been so fortunate to meet, learn from and interact with along the way.”

Sam Tucker said the selections of his graphic design - featuring bold lines and solid shapes - are little parts of himself on display. Tucker originally came to MC to play soccer, uncertain of his major.

“I more or less stumbled into graphic design,” he said. Thinking back on it, though, I feel as if design was always what I was going to do. My passion has always been being creative, ever since I was a young child; and I’m excited I can now express that passion daily.”

Kristin Nelson’s exhibit consists mostly of her photography work, along with some graphic design. Subtle variations of color and close detail distinguish much of her design. Each picture captures a split second, she said, but there’s a much longer story behind each frame, she said.

“A camera can capture a moment, a smile, an emotion, but there is always more of that moment that wasn’t captured,” she said. “Often we look so long at that one snapshot or moment in time that we forget what went on around it to make it happen. The influences, the reasons, the successes and the failures that lead up to that moment make it what it really is.”

Drew Ross presents a senior show that all centers on the shiny metalwork - of gently swooping and dynamic lines - on a motorcycle body in the middle of the room. Surrounding it are materials that led up to the final product: conceptual designs, a wireframe model and photographs chronicling Ross’s work.

“Words cannot express the joy and freedom that I have come to find in this work,” he said. “This bike has become the embodiment of the passion I feel towards machines, and it represents the ideals that attracted me to McPherson College years ago.”

Ethan Lundy presents his automotive concept design work, as well as ceramics, watercolors and mixed media artwork - many of which feature automobiles prominently. Art and automotive design perfectly fit his need to work with his hands rather than being limited to a “desk job.” It all started simply, he said, with a childhood interest in diecast Hot Wheels cars.

“To this day, I still buy Hot Wheels, and I still get excited when I find a model or make of a car that I would love to have,” he said. “Who would have thought that my love for Hot Wheels as a kid would lead me to the first step in my career?”

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