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Senior Research Science Forum on April 21

posted Apr 13, 2006 in CAMPUS EVENTS

The Natural Science Department of McPherson College is hosting the annual Senior Project Research Forum at Melhorn Hall on Friday, April 21, at 2 p.m. The public, friends and family are encouraged to attend.

According to Dr. Karrie Rathbone, assistant professor of biology, "These students have designed and performed research to expand and exhibit their problem solving skills. Critical thinking is necessary to be successful in any career and our liberal arts program accentuates this process with student-guided research. A real advantage to our student researchers at McPherson College is the access to personalized instruction, excellent laboratory spaces and specialized equipment."

The Research Forum will showcase the results of four years of student’s study, with their research being the capstone of their experience. Six seniors will discuss their senior research project in fifteen minute presentations:

Travis Allen. Saint John, Kan., will discuss precision agriculture technology used to find and explain variations in plant and soil data within a sandy, irrigated field of corn in south-central Kansas. His presentation is entitled "Explaining Spatial Variation in Yields of Irrigated Corn."

Tim Cox, Lyndon, Kan., will present his project "Germination of five wheat varieties grown in Kansas over a range of salinities."

Senior Reuben May

"Observation and Characterization of Fullerenes in Soot Generated During Reproduction of Historical Diamond Synthesis" will be presented by Reuben May of McPherson. May’s senior project involved recreating the first synthetic diamond synthesis of Henry Moissan and Dr. J. W. Hershey of McPherson College.

Ellie Miller, Kearney, Neb., will present her research project "Population growth and lag time assessment in Lactose induced Eschericia coli Strains" which involves research on the doubling time and population dynamics of Eschericia coli in multiple environments of lactose.

"Isolation and Identification of an Electricity Producing Microorganism Obtained from the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge" is the research project that Lisa Sader, Augusta, Kan., will present. Sader was able to produce a low level of electricity from a bacteria found in Kansas.

Eric Vrtiska, Beatrice, Neb., will present his research "Multi-Subject Assessment of Human Performance Using the DYFORMON." The DYFORMON is an accommodating-resistance exercise machine which was used to measure human momentum generation.

Vrtiska focused his research on this subject because it pertains to his interest in physical therapy. Next year, Vrtiska will be attending physical therapy school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

"The science department of McPherson College has helped to prepare me for my future by forcing me to find efficient ways to learn large amounts of information," Vrtiska said.

"We’re very proud of the work that this group of seniors has done. Each project has exhibited unique challenges and the students have met those challenges head on." Rathbone said. "We hope many from the community will come, not only to support these men and women, but to see the excellent educational opportunities that McPherson College can provide."

For further information please contact Karrie Rathbone at 241-0742 ext. 1204.

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