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10 Ways for You to Support Your McPherson College Student


  1. Make sure we have a current email address for you on file, so you can be included in the following:
    • Bulldog Alerts – Weather alerts and other important alerts
    • Parent Connection – Receive emails that are geared specifically to inform families of things going on at McPherson College.
  2. Give us a copy of your student’s favorite recipe.  We want to have the cafeteria cook your student’s favorite dish.  This can be a dessert or casserole or anything else.  Give us your recipe, and we will do our best cook it the way you do back home. 
  3. Purchase a planner.  All students will receive a planner.  Some families find it helpful to have that same planner at home. The planner includes the student handbook and important dates like when classes are out for holidays.  These can be purchased in the bookstore for $5. 
  4. Attend a performing arts production.  Plan to come to First-Nighters (dinner) before the show!  Call for reservations.  800-365-7402.
  5. Come to an art exhibit
  6. Attend a sporting event– regardless of whether your son/daughter is a student athlete.  Visit for event dates. 
  7. Join us for Family/Homecoming Weekend October 5-6, 2013.  Stay for the Choir Concert on October 6th. 
  8. Talk to (or text) your student….occasionally
    • Many of today’s students want to stay connected with home while they are away.  Let them be the gauge on how much is too much or too little. 
    • Encourage them to stick it out when things get tough.  For many students this is their first independent step, and it may not be easy all the time. 
    • Help them remember “why” they are here.
  9. Join the McPherson College Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; we are on them all.  Join in the discussions or just follow along. 
  10. SEND A CARE PACKAGE – This can be a card to encourage them for an upcoming test, order a cake from the dining room for their birthday, or homemade cookies.  Students love cards and gifts from home. 








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