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Why McPherson College?


Some thoughts and experiences from the parents of McPherson College students:


chris and shelly brandt
Shelly and Chris on the set of MC Theatre's production
of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Chris Brandt, father of Shelly Brandt, JR

Our daughter, Shelly, is a junior at McPherson this year. She (and we) were looking for a smaller college, and when she visited McPherson (as a High School Junior soccer player) she was immediately impressed. As parents, we too liked the college, the people, the setting, and the Midwestern town and attitude.

It has been a real joy for us to watch Shelly blossom, grow, mature, learn, deal with challenges, disappointments, and successes, find her way, and try new things. McPherson was the perfect college choice for someone like Shelly, and has given her opportunities and possibilities that might not have happened at a large school.

Shelly came to McPherson on a partial soccer scholarship, but retired from soccer this year, in order to pursue and focus on new endeavors, opportunities, and interests (most of which she would never have considered in High School). Those include such things as acting in Theater, being elected to the Student Government Association, and being a Freshman mentor, in addition to pursuing her degree in Bio-Chemistry.

Living some distance away from our daughter has been a challenge for us (and her) at times, but has also pushed Shelly to make her own way. It has also allowed us, as parents, to discover on a first hand basis what wonderful people make up the McPherson family, and even in some early challenging times we have been comforted, and frankly amazed, by the care, support, understanding and concern everyone at McPherson has shown, not only for Shelly as a student, but also for us as parents living far away.

We couldn’t be more comfortable than having Shelly be at McPherson. And she loves it as much, or more, than we do.




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