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The Campus Pastor: A Personal Introduction

I’m Steve Crain, as of fall 2012, the Campus Pastor for McPherson College. I also teach in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. By way of introduction, let me share a bit about myself...

About Campus Ministry

I work closely with students in planning ministry events and programs. Our student ministry group is called the Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT). The CMLT typically meets weekly, currently on Thursday at 5:00 pm in the Siek Dining Room of the Cafeteria. The purpose of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team is to work together with me to understand the diverse spiritual needs of the College and to sponsor events and create programs that promote spiritual growth and will deepen our understanding of the faith journeys of others. Our mission is wonderfully captured by a phrase coined by one of our current students: “Encourage Unity – Respect Diversity.”

You are invited to get involved!

The Gathering Place, downstairs in the Union, is the place where students often connect for faith and fellowship. Last year, CMLT members repainted this space, adding some vibrant color, and had a lot of fun doing it!

CMLT plans and sponsors many different kinds events, which might including worship, panel discussions, dialogue events, film screenings, retreat experiences, and presentations by both members of the college community and outside speakers. We also look forward to visits to off-campus events and faith communities. Creating small-groups for prayer, study, and spiritual growth is another possibility.

One important goal of Campus Ministry is to build bridges between the College and community churches in order to foster good will and cooperation. We seek to strengthen ties, not only with the Church of the Brethren, with which McPherson College is affiliated, but also with other denominations and faiths represented on campus.

Finally, this fall we have started a new program called Peer Ministry:

Peer Ministers

Peer ministers offer understanding, a welcoming outreach to the lonely, and a sympathetic ear to those struggling. Conversations with peer ministers are confidential.

To speak to a peer minister, look them up in their dorm, spot them on campus, or call/text them before midnight to make an appointment.

Appointments need to happen before midnight. If you feel you need to see a peer minister after midnight, please call an RA or RD, who can decide if a late appointment is called for.

Here is our list of Peer Ministers:
Chris Barnes – 209 Morrison - (323) 839-8593
Cody Cannon – Off-campus – (620) 480-0939
Melicia Evans – Off-campus/non-traditional student – (620) 245-4603
Laurina Hannan – 107 Bittinger – (785) 458-1357
Dani Jacks – 223 Bittinger – (620) 278-6477
Magenta Jackson 324 Dotzour – (785) 787-2878
Lora Kirmer – Bittinger 118 – (719) 940-2500
Amanda Leffew – 138 Dotzour – (610) 906-5699
Charles Moore – 310 Metzler – (205) 223-6541
Sam Williams – 239 Dotzour - (620) 480-0614


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Steve Crain
Campus Pastor
For an appointment, please call or (better) send an email: