Edgerton Elementary gave Natasha Chaney years of happy memories and a inspirational start to a lifelong education. Thanks to a Horizon Fund grant from McPherson College, Chaney had the opportunity to give back a significant donation to the school.

The Horizon Fund provides micro-grants of up to $500 to any student who has idea to do good in a creative way. Chaney, a freshman from Edgerton, Kan., had an idea that was striking in its straightforward simplicity – she wanted to raise money for her childhood grade school.

The Horizon Fund Committee awarded Chaney $75 to pursue her idea. She partnered with the Cake Lady – a McPherson bakery. Her fundraiser allowed families of McPherson College students to order home-baked cookies to deliver to the students just before the holidays. She used the grant to help purchase color printing for fliers and to mail them to parents.

Profiting $0.50 off of each sale, Chaney took the $75 grant and grew it by more than five times the original amount. On March 3, Chaney presented the elementary school with a check for $380.50 – the full profit from the cookie sales. Chaney said she hoped the school would use the money for classroom supplies so that teachers wouldn’t have to spend as much out of pocket for necessities.

The experience marked the first time she had to submit and present a proposal in front of a committee and learn about partnering with a local business.

“I have done fundraisers before, but never start to finish totally on my own,” she said. “It was definitely worth it to be able to donate back to my school.”

Read Chaney’s letter to Edgerton Elementary: http://www.gardneredge.com/news/2011/03/06/3854-student-gives-back-to-edgerton-elementary