Well, here’s another update from the Auto Room. We’ve been busy back there. We’ve been sorting through all the literature and other automotive information and organizing them so that they’re more easily found. We’re also close to having all of the brochures organized by make and in chronological order. So instead of having to sift through all of the brochures, you should be able to find the right model year, and then hopefully find the brochure for the model you’re looking for. We hope that eventually we’ll also have all the brochures cataloged and barcoded as well.

Speaking of cataloging, one of our next projects is cataloging service manuals. Although we don’t have manuals for every car imaginable, the ones we do have are an important resource that we want to make as usable and accessible as possible. So we are going to start adding more service manuals to the catalog to make them easier to look up, and we will be barcoding them and tagging them so that they can be checked out and used in the main part of the library.

And here’s the answer to the last trivia question:
B. 1989 Dodge Dakota: This Dakota is just one of many unusual Dodge truck models including the Lil’ Red Express, the Viper-powered Ram SRT-10, and the Shelby Dodge Dakota offered for one year in the same generation as the convertible.

Here’s the next trivia question:
Which of these imports managed to win a Motor Trend Car of the Year award before Motor Trend included imports in their standard Car of the Year competition?
a. 1985 VW GTI
b. 1976 Toyota Celica
c. 1973 Honda Civic
d. 1981 Mercedes S-Class W126

Like always, you’ll find the answer in the next post!