The auto room is making more progress. Additional copies of magazines are now entering the catalog and hitting the shelves. Soon we should have all of the magazines on the back shelves in the system and accessible to students. We’re also getting lots of our odds and ends materials like aftermarket brochures and event pamphlets organized. We’re also going to have the desks at the back freed up soon, and they will move to the front of the room for easier, more convenient access.

                We would also like to start getting some feedback from those of you that use the auto room and read these blog entries. Is there anything you’d like to see here? Is there anything that you want to know more about? We’d also like to start receiving answers to the trivia questions as well. We’re considering offering some prizes for correct answers. If you’d like to send your thoughts and answers to us send them to

                And on that note, here’s the latest trivia answer to last week’s question:

C. Renault Alliance. Fun Fact: Car and Driver later admitted in a 2009 article that giving the Renault Alliance a 10Best award was a pretty terrible decision. Though they also brought up egregious award winners from other magazines to show they weren’t the only ones to show poor judgment.

And here’s this week’s question:

Malcom Bricklin was associated with a number of car companies. Which two of these companies did he introducing to the US market?

a.       Yugo

b.      Daewoo

c.       Subaru

d.      Mazda