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‘Science Day’ at McPherson College Introduces Grade School Students to ‘Cool Science’

Invisible ink, drinking straw rockets and bubbling beakers – just some of the “cool” science that Washington Elementary School students got to experience at McPherson College on Monday, Jan. 26.

Members of the college’s Pre-Health Professions Club put on the “Science Day” for about 80 students in 2nd and 3rd grade to spark their interest in the sciences and to allow elementary school children and college age students to interact.

Some of the hands-on experiments included drawing with invisible ink made of lemon juice and setting up beakers filled with dry ice and topped with bubble mix – creating large spheres that grew on their own.

“It looks like a Chihuahua’s brain!” one enthusiastic grade school student said, as a soap bubble grew larger and larger.

Students also got to design rockets from drinking straws and peek into the microscopic world of biology – seeing samples of hair, algae, and grass enlarged through high-powered laboratory microscopes.