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President of McPherson College to Present Doctoral Research at International Symposium

Dr. Michael Schneider, the President of McPherson College, will present his doctoral research at an international symposium in June.

The Deshpande Symposium in Lowell, Mass., brings together those interested in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in college and university environments. This year the symposium will be held June 9-11.

Other institutions presenting at the symposium include Arizona State University, Babson College, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, MIT, Rice University and Yale University.

Dr. Schneider will present his doctoral research, which he successfully defended with distinction on April 8. The successful defense has earned Schneider his degree in Higher Education Management at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (Penn) Graduate School of Education.

“This is an opportunity to share my research results and tell a great story about how entrepreneurship education is growing beyond business schools and moving out across college campuses,” Schneider said.

For his research, Dr. Schneider completed one of the first empirical studies of cross-campus entrepreneurship education. He studied the Kauffman Campuses Initiative, which led to nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in grants to spur cross-campus entrepreneurship initiatives at 18 colleges and universities.

From his results, Schneider concluded that the initiative was effective and viable. Schneider said that he also discovered “linchpins” to sustain cross-campus entrepreneurship education efforts – lessons that he can even apply to McPherson College’s own entrepreneurship initiative.