The senior capstone is a rite of passage at McPherson College. Whether through a thesis or presentation, exhibit or performance, our seniors showcase their knowledge and talents as the culmination of their experiences at MC.

2019 Seniors
Capstone projects and presentation dates for our 2019 seniors will be listed here in Spring 2019. Some events will be available for viewing on our Livestream channel.

Senior Show Reception: May 17, 2019  7:00 – 8:30pm
Exhibition runs May 1-19, 2019
Friendship Hall

Jaden Hilgers
Ian Rhoten
Chloe Cloud
Richard Szabo
Jerod Fuller
Mason Polston
Kaleena Nelson

Senior Presentations:
Templeton Hall, room 5B

April 23, 2019  11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
11:00am 1953 M-B 300S – Xander Lehn, Anthony Johnson & Brad Ulmer
11:30am 1931 Chevrolet Engine – Emma Critz

April 24, 2019  5:00 – 9:30 p.m.
5:00pm 1969 M-B 280S – Miles McCormack
5:30pm 1970 Camaro SS Engine – Sam Arant & Mitch Harms
6:00pm Denise McCluggage Scholarship – Abigayle Morgan
6:30pm 1947 Indian – Davis Bint
7:00pm 1930 Model A Sedan – Jacob Scruggs, Dan Hall & Griffin Thomas
7:30pm 1961 Ford Ranchero Interior – Paige Milem

April 25, 2019  5:00 – 9:30 p.m.
5:00pm 1927 Packard Engine – Greg Elvin & Graham Eidemiller
5:30pm M-B Fuel Injected Engine Run Stand – Karl Moritz
6:00pm 1932 Packard Engine – Lucas Jez & Phil Reinhardt
6:30pm 1929 Model A Station Wagon – Erik Wallace
7:00pm 1961 Ford Ranchero Paint Prep – Taylor Precht, Cody Beasom & Nate Pore
7:30pm 1970 Camaro SS Paint Prep – Anthony Falcone, Zach Adams, Tyler Perkins & Logan Necochea
8:00pm Brake Demonstration Bench – Bella Zacchia

Behavioral Sciences Senior Symposium: May 2, 2019  12:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Melhorn Science Hall, Rm 112

Robert Cole Calkins: The Outdoors and Our Happiness
Shaina K. Donaldson: Religiosity and Academic Success
DeAvonte’ Doucet: Mental & Physical health: Urban versus Rural Living
Christopher Kelly: Problem Solving in College Students
Zadie Smith: Gender Segregation Trends at a Liberal Arts College and The Effects of Self-Efficacy on Major Choice
Peyton N. Turner: Decision Making Within Relationships
Victoria Voyles: Fairy Lights and Heavy Metal
Luke Whitfield: Does College Get In the Way of High School BFF?
Sonerka White: The Big Comeback: Recovery From Athletic Injury
Emily C. Whitley: The Path Set Before US

Watch online on our Livestream channel.

Marketing Research Projects: May 6, 2019  1:00 p.m.
Melhorn 85

“How to Increase Patronage of College Students at Kansas Bar and Grill”
Rhianna Smith
Chelsea Conrad
Logan Anderson

“JAR Performance Automotive Marketing Research Plan”
Tyler Depperschmidt
Olivia Baldner
Brandt Wolters
Brooke Russell


Marketing Research Projects: May 8, 2019  1:00 p.m.
Melhorn 85

“College Student Awareness of Shimmerz Tanning Salon”
Juan Negrete
Ashley Jensen
Zoe Bouwmeester

“McPherson College Awareness of Venable Jewelers”
Ashley Venable
Nathan Buckler
Juan Jimenez
Amanda Lolling


Senior Legacy Project: May 3, 2019 3:00 p.m.
Cedars Conference Center

Presenting the life stories of Gilford and Nelda Ikenberry, Rebecca Rothrock, Scott Versaw and Jerri Yeargen

Logan Hartman
Layne Higgins
Armond McCray
Aysia Pryor
Scarlet Rodriguez
Leighton Swearingen

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Senior Presentations: May 6, 2019  6-8 p.m.
Mohler Hall, Rm 231

Tina Payne: Ghostly Conventions: How The Woman in Black went from Gothic Novel to Horror Film

Erin Fralick: “What We Owe to Each Other”: An Examination of Nora’s Character in A Doll’s House Part 2

Cara Hudson: The Rebel Queen: Esther’s Female Influence in Hebrew Literature

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Thesis Presentations: April 24, 2019   7 p.m.
Mohler 212

Kristina Battle: “The Horrific Tuskegee Experiments”

Ashley Burch: “Change and Continuity in the Shang Dynasty”

David Deramee: “The Birth of Texas: Anglo-American Immigration in the Mexican Periphery”

Justin Cochran: “Not Just Stonewall: the Change and Continuity of Gay Riots in America”

Collin French: “The Passions of the British Fascists”

Ryan Lakso: “North American Bison: A Social History of the Bison and Its Role in U.S. Conservation History”

Evan Wojtkiewicz: “Jim Clark: The Gentle Scot that Changed an American Tradition”

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Senior Presentation:  May 3, 2019   2:30 pm
Melhorn Science Hall, Rm 124

Emose Haukoulua: “Simplification Theorems for Electrical Circuit Analysis”

The 36th Annual Science Research Forum: April 26, 2019 1 p.m.
Mingenback Theatre
2019 Research Forum Program

1:00-1:05pm   Dr. Jonathan Frye, Introduction and Welcome
1:05 – 1:20 Micaila Curtis: The Effectiveness of Cannabidiol as an Antibiotic against Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacteria
1:20 – 1:35 Keisha England: Relationship between bacterial community structure and the performance of microbial fuel cells in Kansas soil samples
1:35 – 1:50 Jordon Henderson: The Effects of Varying Temperatures on the Viral Infection Rates of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis
1:50 – 2:05 Nathen Jones: Investigating photosynthetic activity in response to increased atmospheric CO2 levels and increased leaf level temperatures in Ravenea rivularis
2:05 – 2:20 Sydney Lang: Exploring the effects of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on mating behaviors in the wolf spider Rabidosa punctulata
2:30 – 2:45 Samantha Nelson: The antibacterial activity of essential oils from Tagetes erecta and Thuja occidentalis
2:45 – 3:00 Cameron Oram: The effect of variable environments on aggressive behavior in Betta splendens
3:00 – 3:15 Devrie Sombers: DNA Fingerprinting
3:15 – 3:30 Kaitlynn Usdansky: Weight Lifting Affects the EMG Activity of the Flexors and Extensors of the Legs
3:30 – 3:45 Parkes Wolters: Measuring the Relationship Between Body Condition and Body Composition in Two Kansas Spider Species
3:45 – 4:00 Soren Yarnall: The affects of hydrocarbon contamination on the soil microbial consortia from Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

Dec. 2018
Alexis Lynn: Volatile compounds in wine before and after imbibition
Trenton Smith: How long after a carrion beetle feeds on a beef carcass can you recover identifiable beef specific DNA?

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Senior Theatre performance

Erin Fralick  A Dolls House, part 2 – November 16- 18, 2018
Bailey Short Herstory – November 2017

Senior Thesis: May 1, 2019 7 p.m.
Mohler 212
Katherina L. Paulson: “Taínos: South America’s Forgotten People”
Watch online on our Livestream channel.

Senior Thesis: March 31, 2019
McPherson Church of the Brethren
Jaden Hilgers: “Understanding Christianity’s Clash with Modern America”

Student teaching placements:

Shelby Augustine, 4th/ELED McCandless ES, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS; Elementary Art Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; Secondary Art Central HS, USD 305, Salina, KS

Kyle Bowers, Elementary PE Moundridge ES, USD 423, Moundridge, KS; Secondary PE Moundridge ES, USD 423, Moundridge, KS

Brittany Childs, 3rd/ELED Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; Special Education Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS

Taylor Dreiling, Biology Ness City HS, USD 303, Ness City, KS

Aubrey Hollinger, Elementary Music Eisenhower ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; Secondary Music McPherson HS, USD 418, McPherson, KS

Maressah Milum, 1st/ELED Seal ES, USD 396, Douglass, KS

Julianna Olvera, 2nd/ELED Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS

Louis Parker, Elementary PE Moundridge ES, USD 423, Moundridge, KS; Secondary PE Moundridge ES, USD 423, Moundridge, KS

Bailey Reinoehl, 2nd/ELED Canton-Galva ES, USD 419, Galva, KS

Rianne Richard, 2nd/ELED Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS

Megan Rockey, 1st/ELED Schilling ES, USD 305, Salina, KS; ESL Schilling ES, USD 305, Salina, KS

Eilish Samuelson, 4th/ELED Magnet School at Allen, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS

Belen Villegas, 4th/ELED Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS

Sierra Werries, 3rd/ELED Faris ES, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS



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