McPherson College is offering courses during a 2 week session May 22 - June 2, 2017 for students currently enrolled at McPherson College.

Fees & Enrollment

Tuition: $430 per credit hour

Students will be on their own for room and board. Students without any other housing option may be able to extend stays in their residence hall. Contact the Office of Student Life for options.

All courses will require a minimum enrollment. Announcements about which courses make minimum enrollments will be made Friday, April 21, 2017.

Unless otherwise indicated, courses will meet MTWRF at times to be announced.

Contact the Registrar’s Office for enrollment.


May 2017 courses

Course Descriptions

The course will be split between classroom, lab, and field experience. It will introduce students to basic skills associated with surviving difficult outdoor/wilderness situations without the use of current technologies or luxuries. Students will learn, practice, and use primitive techniques to start fire, build shelter, acquire clean water, find food sources, and navigate terrain using a compass and topographical map. The field experience will be 2-3 days in a relatively remote region of the Flint Hills.

This course will introduce students to key concepts of biology, including the cellular basis of life, genetics, evolution and ecology. Students will also explore the historical and contemporary scientific issues around these topics. This does not include a laboratory.

In this course we will examine how a variety of works of literature for young people use sports as a key component in expressing themes and other literary elements. We will closely read novels, short stories, poems, nonfiction, and picture books from award-winning and contemporary authors including Chris Crutcher, Gary Soto, and Jerry Spinelli; study the interactions between literature and culture; and explore how the use of sports motifs can shape messages that go beyond the field. This course counts towards the general education requirement for literature.

Acquisition of the four skills: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. Latin American and Spanish cultural aspects are an integral part of this course. Classes conducted in Spanish. Tutorial sessions required.

A historical overview of the inextricable ties between music and religion from ancient Greece to present-day Christianity.  Special attention will be paid to case studies illustrating the religious meanings embedded in musical production and/or musical meanings embedded in religious ideas.  Broad topics will include Greco-Roman music theory, Gregorian chant, the Mass, polyphony, Jewish and Protestant hymnody, symphonic genres, the oratorio, jazz, and contemporary Christian styles.

This course introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary for leading safe, successful camping and recreation programs. The class will camp at different sites around Kansas. A $350 fee (in addition to tuition) is required to cover the cost of food and transportation.