Photo of Stephanie Albert B.S.E. Stephanie Albert B.S.E. Admissions Associate


(620) 242-0419 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION: B.S.E., Emporia State University

Photo of Sara Brubaker M.B.A. Sara Brubaker M.B.A. Director of Financial Aid and Admissions Operations


(620) 242-0413 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION B.A., McPherson College M.B.A., Friends University

LaRide Conerly Jr. M.B.A. Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor


(620) 242-1225 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION: B.S., M.B.A. Southwestern College

Photo of Sydney Doster B.A. Sydney Doster B.A. Assistant Director of Admissions


(620) 242-0464 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION B.A., Baker University

Photo of Kenyatta Harden B.A. Kenyatta Harden B.A. Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor


(620) 242-0415 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION B.A., McPherson College

Photo of Christi Hopkins M.A. Christi Hopkins M.A. Vice President for Enrollment Management


(620) 242-0414 Dept: Enrollment

EDUCATION B.S., Southwest Baptist University | M.A., Baker University

Photo of Josh Hubin M.Ed. Josh Hubin M.Ed. Director of Admissions Recruitment


(620) 242-0421 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION B.S., McPherson College M.Ed., McPherson College

Photo of Heather Mierkiewicz Heather Mierkiewicz Admissions Associate


(620) 242-0437 Dept: Admissions
Photo of Andy Olsen B.S.M. Andy Olsen B.S.M. Assistant Director of Financial Aid


(620) 242-0451 Dept: Financial Aid

EDUCATION B.S.M., Central Christian College

Photo of Kelly Olson B.S. Kelly Olson B.S. Admissions Associate


(620) 242-0400 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION: B.S., Northern State University

Photo of Joanna Trapp B.A. Joanna Trapp B.A. Admissions & Financial Aid Counselor


(620) 242-0418 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION: B.A., Wichita State University

Photo of Chris Wallace B.A. Chris Wallace B.A. Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor


(620) 242-0416 Dept: Admissions

EDUCATION B.A., Bethany College

Photo of Jessy Wisdom B.S. Jessy Wisdom B.S. Financial Aid Assistant


(620) 242-0423 Dept: Financial Aid

B.S., McPherson College