• Lane Allison ’12, McPherson KS – 2017/18 President
  • Glenda Sims ’83, McPherson KS – 2017/18 President Elect
  • John Davidson ’12, Tulsa, OK
  • Jana Koehn ’79, McPherson, KS
  • Teresa Miller ’83, Saint John, KS
  • Diane Patton ’81, Maize, KS
  • Jonathan Rothrock ’06, McPherson, KS
  • Kyle Smith ’13, Travers City, MI
  • Connie Weesner ’85, Hutchinson, KS
  • Donald Ziegler ’79, Elizabethtown, PA



The purpose of the McPherson College Alumni Board of Directors is to give general direction and guidance regarding alumni activities and programs related to alumni, and advance the cause of the College. The Alumni Board exists to maintain a positive, meaningful relationship between members of the Alumni Association and the College.


Board members are expected to advance the purpose and welfare of the Alumni Association and the College by:

  1. Regularly attending Board meetings (generally two or three per year)
  2. Assisting with hosting duties for alumni activities on and off campus
  3. Keeping well-informed about the college and its achievements
  4. Reporting suggestions and concerns from alumni to the college administration
  5. Being aware of the college’s continued need for qualified students and forwarding names of prospects to the admissions office whenever possible
  6. Contributing financially to the college as able and assisting in the cultivation and solicitation of other alumni and friends for financial support when appropriate
  7. Assisting in any way the advancement of McPherson College TERM Board members serve 4 year terms.


All graduates of McPherson College and former students who have completed twenty-four (24) semester hours automatically assume membership in the Association and, as such, are eligible for nomination as an Alumni Board of Director.

For more information contact (620) 242-0438 or alumni@mcpherson.edu