Are you interested in owning your own design firm, running an art gallery or teaching art in public or private schools? Whether your emphasis is studio art or graphic design, our visual arts majors become leaders and innovators in their chosen fields of study.

Do your creative interests also crossover into communication or technology?  Check out the Digital Media major from MC. With an emphasis in Communication or Visual Design this major will be prepare you for a career in the growing digital media industry. Learn more


Etch is a student-run, non-profit marketing and graphic design firm created by MC students. Etch offers professional graphic design and marketing services to non-profit organizations, asking only that they consider a donation to help cover costs.

The Art & Design Department provides high quality art instruction within the areas of art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetic inquiry.  The visual arts curricula is designed to meet the needs of students who want to 1) develop their artistic skills and refine their aesthetic values, 2) plan for careers as artists, graphic designers, and/or employment in arts related positions, 3) those who plan to teach art in the public schools, and 4) those who plan to further their education in graduate school.
Programs within the visual arts major including graphic design, graphic design marketing, graphic design photography, studio, art teaching licensure; along with a hybrid major of auto restoration design in conjunction with the technology department. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our Faculty members encourage students to develop skills, build relationships, and express themselves through a variety of projects.  See Faculty Work.
Scholarships are available for students who major in studio art, art education, graphic design or graphic design marketing.

From the Visual Arts faculty:

“In my teaching it is my goal to develop students’ interest for design, and broaden their artistic skills. I am preparing them for the workforce – therefore, every project and skill that we focus on is centered around preparing them for what they will need to acquire industry leading careers.”
“Born and raised in Austria/Europe, my teaching philosophy is grounded in my classical training in art, art history and in the theory that all living creatures are interconnected. I am an artist who teaches – mainly ceramics and painting. I strive to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere in my studios that allows students to find their uniqueness and the courage to express themselves visually.”
Michaela Groeblacher, Assistant Professor of Art
“As a student, one of the first things I was taught was simply “to see.” Knowledge and inspiration are all around us and sometimes all we need is to take a second and just look. As an educator, I must allow the freedom for spontaneous discovery (it is creative after all) by not simply supplying all the answers but opening avenues for experimentation and research.”
“Visual Art is a human connector, having the capacity to transcend time and place.   Visual imagery tells us of who we are, what we have been and who we can become – a reflector of our humanity.   It is a part of what makes as human. I am a sculptor.   Art is my passion.  As an instructor of art, I believe all students have the capacity to develop skills that will enable them to create visual expressions of beauty and personal meaning.   The greatest joy I experience in teaching is when a student first discovers their own unique, artistic “voice” and their ability to create meaningful visual expressions.”
Ann Zerger, Professor of Art

Review - Fall 2018: A Life Shaped by the Arts

Review magazine – Fall 2018

“A Life Shaped by the Arts”

This issue of the McPherson College magazine focuses on our fine arts students and alumni in art, music and theatre.