What Can I Do With This Degree?

Careers our graduates pursue include:

  • Managing collections
  • Becoming general restoration technicians
  • Opening their own business
  • Working for an auction company or concours venue
  • Working for a museum
  • Becoming employed in car-related industries

See what some of our recent alumni are doing in the Auto Restoration industry.

abanksAdam Banks ’04
Fabrication and Upholstery Specialist
Rad Rides by Troy
Manteno IL

Q: You studied restoration technology, but ended up working with custom cars. Did the skills translate across automotive fields?
A: I always had an interest in hot rods and automotive design. Going into McPherson College, I looked at the classes and adapted the information to the hot rod industry. I have a great appreciation for restoration and the preservation of extraordinary and historic automobiles. In fact, Bugattis and Talbot-Lagos are some of my favorite cars, hands down. McPherson gave me a wonderful basis to build my career, especially knowing what I wanted to get out of my education before getting into it.

Ryan Mahomey ’06
Owner of Coastal Classics LLC
Jackson, NJ

“Running a restoration shop is tough work. Not only do you have to know how to work on cars, but run the business as well. McPherson College helps prepare students for the workforce by giving them a well-balanced knowledge of both automotive and business skills.”

Tabetha Hammer ’09
Youth Advocacy and Public Relations Manager
Traverse City, MI

“For me, the most valuable opportunity provided through McPherson College’s Automotive Restoration program was to be introduced to and build a relationship with some of the leading people in the industry. The connection to restoration shops, collectors, museums, car shows and other hobby-related groups has helped every day of my career to carry me further.”