Did you know that 99% of all businesses in the U.S. are small? McPherson College offers a small business based curriculum that supports the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s successful business men and women.

The department commits itself to fostering students’ learning so that they are prepared for professional pursuits and/or graduate study.
Within the Business Administration major, there are 4 emphasis areas and a student must choose at least one area in which to concentrate their study: Management, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Whether you aspire to be the CEO or own your own business, McPherson College’s business department faculty will give you the skills and experiences you need to reach your career goals.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.
The Business Club is among the most active clubs on campus. Club events combine learning more about business, developing personal and leadership skills with having fun with other people involved in business study.

From the Business faculty:

“My courses are no “bs” and results oriented to prepare students to win in the real world. At the same time, there is a healthy dose of humor, discussion, and life lessons to keep them enjoyable. I’m a businessman who has found coaching and mentoring to be my niche in life.”
Rod Gieselman, Professor of Business
“I have a passion for education and I love the fast-paced, ever-changing world of marketing. The opportunity to bring the two together allows me to share my enthusiasm and encourage students to keep challenging themselves and always seek new learning opportunities. Our growth potential is endless!”
“Learning by the student and building student confidence that they can learn subject matter in courses such as accounting, tax and entrepreneurship are two goals I strive to teach/share with students.  I focus on “real-world” examples mixed with theory and humor.  This creates a “relaxed” (yet respectful) learning environment.”
“I am fanatical about serving our students at this juncture of their life journeys.  I relish each student interaction as an opportunity for the development of whole persons.  I labor to deliver exciting, relevant and timely content that challenges each students’ academic achievement beyond their prior notion of ability.  I am an educator at heart, impassioned to challenge, mold and cultivate minds that will lead the organizations of tomorrow.”
“After spending 30+ years in the business world, it is exciting to have the opportunity to share some of my experience and knowledge with students, who are our future. I work to engage students in applying economic concepts to everyday life, and to the events occurring around the world. I try to convey that economics isn’t just about money, economics is found in every decision that involves some type of costs/benefit analysis.”
“I bring many years of business experience, both locally and nationally, to the classroom. I am a McPherson College alumna and am passionate about the college’s mission of scholarship, participation, and service. McPherson graduates are community leaders, supervisors, parents, employees, and business owners. By teaching students the importance of business ethics, hard work, and “learning how to learn,” I hope that my students put great things into the world and their lives.”

Jose Angulo ’16

MC produces workforce leaders
McPherson College’s commitment to developing graduates who are career focused and life ready can be seen in businesses, schools and organizations throughout McPherson County. Students with an entrepreneurial mindset like Jose Angulo ’17 can be found living and working in McPherson.

Investments class

Students manage over $350,000 of MC’s endowment
In 2011, the college retained it’s own Investments class to manage $100,000 of the college’s endowment, taking the portfolio management experience to a whole new level. Because of the student’s success over the last few years, the class is now responsible for managing over $350,000 of the college’s endowment.

Business Club

Business Club
Do you enjoy travel? Our business club takes regular trips to the corporate headquarters of companies like Coca-Cola, CNN and AT&T.

Where Can an MC Business Degree Take YOU?

This is just a sampling of where our alumni are working:

Oppenheimer Funds American Airlines Cerner Limited UK Cintas Corp.
Kansas state Bank Commissioner Sullivan Higdon & Sink Spiceworks Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Square Inc. Clark Investment Group, LLC Koch Industries JBS/Pilgrim’s Pride
Honeywell Aerospace Flint Hills Resource Benefit Management LLC Tulane University
Axa Advisors Albemarle Corp. Hospital Corporation of America Wright CPA Group
Battenfeld-Cincinnati Fastenal Company Dell Computers Apex Clean Energy
The Farm Credit System Hagerty Bombardier Learjet RM Sotheby’s
Sunflower Bank Federal Reserve Bank KC Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball Chtd. Edward D. Jones
Home State Bank Ameriprise Financial Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC Equity Bank
Pfizer Finish Line Emprise Bank Ingather Research and Sensory
Alps Fund Services Cargill Data Center Inc. Phillips 66