Graduate School Workshop

The Career Services office is always available to assist students with their graduate and professional school search and application process. Juniors and Seniors are highly encouraged to participate.

Protocol Party

Career Services partners with the MC Business Club to host a Protocol Party at the historic McPherson Opera House. Students learn how to conduct themselves professionally at business gatherings, networking skills and dining etiquette in an elegant, but fun setting.

Career Fairs and On-Campus Recruiting

Career Services promotes local and regional career fairs to students and will provide transportation to those wishing to attend. Also McPherson College will host employers and graduate school representatives on-campus. Announcements of scheduled visits and pertinent information is sent out to students via email and announced on the Career Services Twitter account @MacCollegeCareers.

ACCK Teacher Interview Day

In the spring, McPherson College along with five other regional colleges host the annual ACCK Teacher Interview Day. School administrators from across the state interview senior Teacher Education students for positions. Location of the event rotates among the six ACCK colleges.

Special Events

Career Services is always looking for interesting and relevant speakers to come to campus. Career Services has hosted speakers such as Preacher Moss (comedian, diversity), Lauren Berger (the Intern Queen) and Eric Chester (expert on Generation Y) to name a few. We also work with local business leaders to host special workshops on campus.