Do you want to major in something that will improve your communication skills on the job and enhance your personal relationships? Good communication skills are not only important for gaining employment – they are also important for retaining employment.

We also prepare our students for careers in teaching and prepare you for graduate school. Is conducting authentic research important to you? Our students also complete senior research projects on topics of their choosing.

A communication degree can lead to work as speech writer, journalist, event planner, marketing director or even news anchor. Enhance, engage and encounter as a communication major at McPherson College.
We offer a Communication major and minor. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our faculty aim to develop majors who can communicate in a variety of media with diverse audiences.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.
Check out the kind of work Communication majors do in their classes and practicum experiences.
McPherson College chapter of the honorary society that recognizes academic excellence in the field of communication.
MC Writes is a campus club that seeks to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for students who are actively interested in creative writing.
See what some of our young graduates who got their start as communication professionals with a communication degree are doing.

From the Communication faculty:

“Learning is a journey. As a communication professor, I have the privilege of traveling alongside my students as they search for a voice to share important messages with the world. Sometimes, that journey takes us on a detour where we get to examine others’ stories and messages and their influences on our journeys. I would be hard pressed to find more enjoyable work.”
Dr. Becki Bowman, Professor of Communication
“Growing up in a peace church, treating people with respect and learning to listen to others’ experiences have shaped not only my personality but also how I approach teaching. I want students to feel welcomed to express their ideas and grow through experience, not merely through reading. I strive for an inclusive and engaging learning environment. By including media, activities, and service learning, I hope students from all disciplines leave my classroom with an interest in analyzing media and understanding the importance in critical thinking. “
“As a student, one of the first things I was taught was simply “to see.” Knowledge and inspiration are all around us and sometimes all we need is to take a second and just look. As an educator, I must allow the freedom for spontaneous discovery (it is creative after all) by not simply supplying all the answers but opening avenues for experimentation and research.”
“I love helping people tell their stories and understand other people’s stories. You can’t hate people if you know their stories, and so I think a mind well furnished with stories is a pleasant place to live. That’s why I teach writing and literature.”