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Jen Pollard M.A.



B.A., McPherson College
M.A., Michigan State University

“In professional theatre, I learned there are jobs for those who raise their hands and say, “I can do that.” Regardless of the situation, knowing how to gain that skill quickly and have the confidence to do so makes all the difference. We understand McPherson students get ahead because they have the confidence to explore a wide variety from tech to stage management to acting, with the mindset that you need all of those to succeed in theatre and beyond.

I believe we learn through doing, so I make people jump up and join me. “Quick drop what you’re doing and come see this,” is a common phrase muttered in my classes. Through hands on experience, peer review and constant development, we produce amazing things.

I still pinch myself this is my job. I get too excited, talk a million miles per hour, run around the set, and baffle students used to a lecture classroom setting. I’m obsessive about coffee, fiber arts, BBC radio dramas, possibly Shakespeare, and of course my family.”