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Matthew Porter M.B.A.


B.A., McPherson College
Matriculated Coursework, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, to B.A., McPherson College
M.B.A., Colorado State University
Ph.D., In Progress, Indiana Institute of Technology

I am fanatical about serving our students at this juncture of their life journeys. I relish each student interaction as an opportunity for the development of whole persons. I labor to deliver exciting, relevant and timely content that challenges each students’ academic achievement beyond their prior notion of ability. I am an educator at heart, impassioned to challenge, mold and cultivate minds that will lead the organizations of tomorrow. I am dedicated to the daily execution of inclusive teaching practices. I am an active member of the Comparative International Education Society, which calls on its members to “not only react, but to act preemptively to call out and eradicate injustice anywhere it exists, including within schools, in higher education institutions, in international development practices, and within ourselves.” CIES Board of Directors. (6 June, 2020). CIES Statement on Racist Violence and Injustice Against Black People.