Graphic design and business students collaborate at ETCH.

Student-run Etch Design & Marketing Studio

Students learn more when they are able to do more. The student-run organization called Etch is a prime example of this concept. Etch, offers professional graphic design and marketing services to non-profit organizations, asking only that they consider a donation to help cover costs.

investments classStudents manage over $300,000 of MC’s endowment

Thanks to a resolution in 2011 by the college Board of Trustees to retain the spring investments class to manage $100,000, the portfolio management experience has been taken to a whole new level. “It’s real money with real consequences and I think that’s going to elevate the level of seriousness that students put into this exercise,” Rod Gieselman, associate professor of business, said. Because of the student’s success, the class is now responsible for managing over $300,000 of the college’s endowment.