Congratulations to Adam Porter for winning the challenge with his event for Ethiopia Reads. —


THE CHALLENGE: Help bring awareness, raise funds or grow one of these charities: the PET mobility project or Ethiopia Reads.

PET (Personal Energy Transportation) International, Inc. is a charity that creates all-terrain wheelchairs designed for the disabled in developing countries. Ethiopia Reads collaborates with communities to build schools, plant libraries, teach teachers, boost literacy and provide youth and families with the tools to improve their lives.

Help these programs and present your actions to our faculty and staff judges. This is a competition where you can sign up as an individual or a team of two or three. Sign up deadline is Nov 13 at 8pm.

Win the challenge and travel with Dr. Herb Smith to Ethiopia!


Deliver the PETs and Books to Ethiopia!
Receive a paid trip to Ethiopia with Dr. Herb Smith during Spring Semester on March 26-April 2, 2015.

Some trip highlights:

  • worship in monastery caves
  • visit largest open air market in Africa
  • visit: 11 churches carved 38 feet underground like Greco-Roman temples
  • meet with the Patriarch in his mansion for tea
  • visit/play/teach at a kindergarten, elementary school, orphanage
  • assemble/deliver PET wheelchairs
  • delivers: books/school supplies
  • enjoy evening dancing in tukal (thatched huts)

Plus a $250 scholarship

(Trip expenses and scholarship is for one student only. If a team wins, you will need to raise additional funds. Scholarship can be split amongst members.)

Challenge Sign-Up / Kick-off Meeting
Thursday, November 13: 8:00 p.m.  Learn more about the charities and guidelines for the challenge.
Miller Library

Thursday, November 20:  2:00-5:00 p.m. (individual times to be emailed to you)
Miller Library

March 26-April 2, 2015 – Spring Break
Ethiopia with Dr. Herb Smith

Social-Change Project Presentation Rubric
For the Global Enterprise Challenge, students will formulate and execute a way to raise awareness of one of two charities. Any creative idea is welcome: perhaps the student will create a viral message, a grassroots campaign, devotions for a church’s national office, or a charity drag race. The options are limitless; however, the planning and task should be completed by judging time. Here is the judges’ rubric:

  • Knowledge of Charities
    Students will demonstrate knowledge of the charities by explaining what they learned about the background of the charity, what they learned about the host country’s need, and what they learned about their own engagement in social awareness. This includes explaining the background of the charity, what steps were taken to support it, and what was actually completed to support the charity.
  • Social Activism
    Students will demonstrate social activism by taking measures to spread messages about their charity, by taking action themselves, and/or by inspiring others to take action.
  • Professionalism
    Students will demonstrate professionalism by proofreading all work, using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and present work that is representative of McPherson College and publishable to the world.
  • Creativity
    Students will demonstrate creativity by using a variety of elements to appease and draw in their audience to learn more about the charities.  This characteristic will also set apart stick figures from self portraits in demonstrating how much thought and preparation was put into the project.
  • Effective Presentation
    Students will demonstrate this characteristic by knowing their material, having an exciting, engaging, and creative presentation that possibly includes pictures, video, or some other form of media that is used effectively, that the presenter uses eye contact and a clear, engaging voice at all times, and that the presentation is clear and concise.
PET (Personal Energy Transportation) International, Inc.
Our mission: The PET® Mobility Project seeks to reflect the love of God by bringing the gift of mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.6

PET began in 1994 when Larry Hills, missionary in Zaire (now Congo), Africa, told Reverend Mel West of the great need for three-wheeled, hand-cranked wheelchairs for victims of polio and landmines. Mel contacted Earl Miner, product designer and long-time friend and mission partner, and the process of the prototype design began.

Learn More at

Ethiopia Reads
Our Mission: Ethiopia Reads collaborates with Ethiopian communities to build schools, plant libraries, teach teachers, boost literacy and provide youth and families with the tools to improve their lives.

Ethiopia Reads is a new organization with a focus on schools, libraries, young athlete education and mentorship and educator training. We move forward with a focus toward working within Ethiopian communities and partnering with those communities to cultivate minds for a stronger tomorrow. To date, we have served 120,000 children.

Learn More at

Participants may contact these faculty and staff members as a resource to help with the challenge.

Service Mentor:  Dr. Allan Ayella
Creativity Mentor: Jd Bowman
Trip and Charity Mentor: Dr. Herb Smith
Facilities Mentor: Marty Sigwing
Finance Mentor: Rick Tuxhorn

Dr. Herb Smith, Dr. Allan Ayella, Jd Bowman, Dr. Dustin Wilgers, Marty Sigwing, Rick Tuxhorn, Michael Schneider