Dale Schwartz

Horizon Fund Grantees, Then MC Grads: Where Are They Now?

The Horizon Fund provides mini-grants to help students explore or carry out an original entrepreneurial idea. Winning ideas must identify a need and describe a creative way of meeting it. A winning idea should be clearly tied to some community value.


  • Goal:
    To help students begin to develop creative solutions to common problems.
  • Eligibility:
    Any McPherson College student is eligible, whether individually or as part of a team; any student; in any major.
  • Process:
    To apply, you must complete a form that explains and outlines your idea. The Horizon Committee will select the grant recipients. If your idea is chosen you will be eligible to receive $100-$500. You can apply more than once if your initial idea is selected and you can demonstrate progress.
  • Horizon Fund Application
    To submit your application and/or questions please contact Abbey Archer-Rierson at 620-242-0439.

A list of the most recent students who have received the Horizon Fund:

Fall 2017 recipients:

  • Kylee Martin: Zumbathon benefitting Giving Hope Cancer Fund
  • Evan Willow: iPhone Repair Business
  • Carlos Espinel: Repurpose and Restore Coleman Lanterns
  • Mason Duffey: Finding and selling rare, vintage, and new car parts
  • Juan Torres: Tire repair business
  • Riley Richardson: Clothing business
  • Nathan Buckler: Peaches Shop- Auto Shop
  • Alex Ramsier: Auto paint and body shop
  • Andrew Vekteris: Affordable towing and recovery business
  • Micah Gilbert: Photography Business
  • Isaiah Hill: Nimbus-Listening to music with other senses

Spring 2017 recipients:

  • Amanda Lolling & Ashley Venable: “Delightful Kansas,” a blog to show local college students what life in small town Kansas is all about
  • Logan Schrag: Resurrection Duo-Christian worship team
  • Carlos Espinel: Designed Volkswagen Bus flat pouch so that owners of classic cars have a dry and safe place to put their vehicle registration/insurance papers
  • Monica Ewy: Custom purses from vinyl, leather, or clothe from reupholstering seats
  • Josiah Blackwood: Recording studio
  • Micah Gilbert: Photography business
  • Phil Reinhardt: Expanding his independent Amsoil dealership
  • Italia Venegas: After School Art Classes to help students that faced arts budget cuts
  • Jessie Nether: Card and poster Etsy shop
  • Abigayle Morgan: Old Crank Outlaws Vintage Market Vendor
  • Jonathan Cox: Beauty Buffers- car wash/detailing service

Fall 2016 recipients:

  • Phil Reinhardt: Expand an independent Amsoil dealership
  • Micah Gilbert: Photography Business
  • Monica Ewy: Memory Catcher Business
  • Danielle Chapman: Social Campaign T-Shirts
  • Ramon Martinez: Athletic photography
  • Jacob San Martin: San Martin Pinstriping
  • Tyler Depperschmidt: “Treehouse Clothing”
  • Kylee Martin: Zumba and dance studio
  • Corey Long: Collaborative blog and podcast website targeted toward millennials
  • Nathaniel Buckler: Rusty Peach Restoration
  • Eli Minson:  “Kicksclusive,”  sneaker shop
  • Jordyn Lipe: Bee hotels
  • Jared Whitten: DJ company
  • Jared Thurston: Vintage Car Shop
  • Austin Ehret: Building one-of-a-kind custom bikes
  • Jeromy Denton: Outdoor photography
  • Channing Wall: Common marketplace where crafty and creative people can come together to share and sell their products – similar to Etsy or the planned “Mac Marketplace” at MC.
  • Allie Hicks: “I Respect You” – designed to foster understanding and respect among different groups, especially in areas of controversy.
  • Jonathan Cox: Beauty Buffers-car washing service
  • Abigayle Morgan: Old Crank Outlaws Vintage Market Vendor
  • Matt Goist/Corey Long: plan to create a social campaign to raise awareness about online dating scams
  • Felix Cervantes: Mexican Candy Store