Paula Vincent 10-08_12The McPherson College Board of Trustees enthusiastically supports the launch of the ‘Power the Future’ campaign to advance the work of the institution. The majority of trustees are persons that are members of the Church of the Brethren and/or McPherson College alumni; the remaining members have connections to the broader McPherson community. We believe in this institution and have experienced first-hand the positive influence McPherson College has had in our lives and in communities around the world.

Through the years, trustees have assisted the College as it has adapted to changing times while holding true to the foundational principles of the Church of the Brethren… ethical behavior, non-violence and peace, simple living, and the expression of faith through service. This appreciation for its historical roots combined with an entrepreneurial spirit has been key to McPherson College fulfilling its mission of scholarship, participation and service. Generations of students have been empowered to develop intellectually, have experienced a catalyst to put their imagination into action, and have been inspired to direct their energy toward making a difference for the common good.

As stewards of the College, trustees have a responsibility for the continued vitality of the institution and are proud to have 100 percent of the board members contributing to the success of this campaign. We encourage you to join us in this investment. Collectively, our gifts will help McPherson College continue to be a spark that ‘powers the future’.”


Dr. Paula J Vincent, Chair
McPherson College Board of Trustees