Our Health and Physical Education program is designed for those interested in teaching and coaching, yet broad enough to prepare students for leadership in recreation programs, business, fitness and sports information. Set up a campus visit today and meet with our faculty to discuss your career goals.
We offer a Health and Physical Education major with courses for Teacher Education majors and a Sports Management emphasis. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our Health and Physical Education faculty are eager to help their students prepare for teaching physical education and health in the elementary and secondary schools, graduate preparation, and a related area of special emphasis in sports management.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.

From the Health & Physical Education faculty:

“I love the human body – how it works, how it moves, and how each individual is different.  I remember being a student in class and how my interest grew with each class.  I want students to have that same experience.  By showing them my excitement for the human body, hopefully I can help them to develop their passion.”
““You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,” according to Plato. I believe the best way to convey what is important to you is to model your beliefs. In Physical Education this means I get to sweat with the students both in and out of the classroom. Education through the physical gives students practical application of knowledge and theories learned in class. Physical Education can be a home for all students as our majors discover the differences among play, sport, and Physical Education.”

Junior Physical Education majors and faculty attending the Kansas Physical Education convention at KU