Do you need questions answered that are fundamental to the meaning and significance of life? Would you like to examine, analyze and help solve the world’s problems? Does an international travel experience where you explore world religions in their native settings appeal to you?

We also prepare our students for careers in teaching and prepare you for graduate school. Is conducting authentic research important to you? Our students also complete senior research projects on topics of their choosing. Graduates go on to pursue careers in law, medicine, social work, ministry, human rights and community development.

NEW: Religion, Politics, and Law Major

Starting in Fall 2019 McPherson College is offering a new major in Religion, Politics, and Law. Data indicates that students of philosophy and religion consistently score highly on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and possess high rates of admission to law school. By combining the study of religion, politics, and law, this unique major furnishes students with excellent preparation for law school. The major explores highly provocative hot-button issues at the heart of current religious, political, and legal discourse in the United States. The major teaches skills in logical reasoning, analysis and synthesis of texts, inference to the best explanation from a set of data, persuasive public speaking, and constructive writing – skills whose practice constitute the core of what lawyers do.

More program information and course descriptions to be added here soon.

The Philosophy & Religion department offers courses designed to help the student study and reflect upon the major religious traditions and philosophical questions that have contributed to the making of our present world. Philosophy & Religion offers an excellent liberal arts major since it involves a broad survey of Western and Eastern cultural heritages and develops analytical skills characteristic of a truly educated person.
We offer a Philosophy / Religion major and minor. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our faculty have served as pastors, counselors and have traveled to over 30 countries.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.

From the Philosophy & Religion faculty:

“Late night gatherings at nearby Lakeside Park, lying on blankets to gaze at the heavens; dramatic presentations in full costume by famous historical individuals; colorful celebrations of worship rituals of the world’s great faith traditions; living room discussions at our home nearby campus for all Friday classes; relaxation and guided imagery where students invited their friends. These and other formats are implemented in my classes as we quest for philosophical and religious truths.”
“A hallmark of my teaching is communicating effectively the philosophical and religious concepts relevant to today’s world in ways that students find fun and easy to understand. Accordingly, I use a wide variety of learning techniques, creatively mixing lectures, discussions, games, group work, videos, and music to reinforce course material. Blending learning techniques ensures that whatever each student’s particular learning style is, that style is tapped, such that a diverse community of students learn the same material in different ways.”