Power Day 2017: Bulldogs Across the Nation!

Power Day: Bulldogs Across the Nation

Thank you Bulldogs! We reached $72,790 in gifts from 188 donors on Power Day, April 27, 2017.

Donations made through the weekend raised the total to $90,915. Thank you for supporting our students and helping Power the Future of MC!

Power Day gifts received
Power Day donors
Proud to support the finest private college in the Midwest! Go Bulldogs!!!
Craig & Karen Holman '79
Thank you for all the great work that you do! My time at McPherson is extremely special to me, and that’s because of the great people like you. Go Bulldogs!
Alan Grosbach '08
I will always be grateful for McPherson College’s community and great education.
Pascaline Wolfermann '90
It’s a joy to give back to the place that gave me so much!
Erin Cassidente '97
I will be glad to get a McPherson T-shirt to wear at Annual Conference in June! Living in North Manchester, I am at Manchester University events regularly. I tell people we have several ones here who are McPherson grads ‘leaven the loaf’ at Manchester! 🙂
Marilyn Kieffaber '69
The connections I made at McPherson has shaped me into the person I am today. The experiences and opportunities for leadership and development through McPherson have been priceless!
Sarah Neher '13
MAC will always be a second home for me, and continues to be for current students. Thank you for all you do!
Summer Snodgrass-Bates '01
Bulldog all day long!
Gerald Henderson '85
I have so many wonderful memories of my time at McPherson! Go Bulldogs!!
Raechel Sittig-Esser '99
I loved my time at MC. Enjoy coming for First Nighters.
Karin Gillette '83
Did not graduate but I hold McPherson College very near to my heart.
LeeAnna Garza '99
Go Bulldogs!
Carrie Koch '08
Tell Wayne Andy says hi and let Bruce Clary know that Andy still thinks about gloves.
Sarah and Andy Wagoner '00
Because Dave Barrett is the MAN!!! Even if he does like the Cowboys.
Michael Lund '08
Happy to give and excited about the future of the design program.
Adam Porter '15
Love the coast to coast theme this year and love my McPherson family!
Jacob Patrick '14
This Swede (Ryan) and friend of MC (Mark) are proud of where the ‘Dogs are going! Maybe our 7th grade son will end up at Mac.
Mark and Ryan Chambers
Nancy Lee '63
I had the best experience at Mac while I was a student! MC is my Home! So many caring and loving people that I call my Family! I’m giving because of all the Alumni who gave to me for my scholarships while I was a student! #BulldogPride
Breahna Gillespie '14
I love that McPherson introduced me to so many of my life-long friends (including my very beautiful wife). But also, McPherson College introduced me to the person I was ready to grown up and become. Thank You for continuing that tradition with our future bulldog family!
Jd Bowman '98
Go Bulldogs!!! ~Rikki & Aaron
Erikka Nielsen '09
Great to see Dave (Prez! Coach! Mentor!) and Roger in AZ recently. Go Bulldogs! 🙂
Jessica Everton '96
Happy to give back to an amazing place that gave me so much!
Shannon Wescott '12
I’m not an alumni of MC but am a Bulldog by choice. I love this place!
Deb Wagoner
It’s a great day to be a bulldog!
Carol Williams '99
Thanks for all you do for MAC!
Adabel Garza '95
Congrats on Power Day Mac Bulldogs!
Keely Bontrager '08
I truly loved my time at McPherson and how it not only prepared me for life, but made me want to explore what the world had to offer. The relationships I built there are incredibly special to me, some of those people I still talk to daily. From faculty and staff to my teammates, I have friends around the country. The people of McPherson College are second to none.
Mitch Leppke '13
Keep this going!
John Davidson '12
Dave, you rock!!!! Go Bulldogs!
Erica Alvarez '04
It is a great day in bulldog nation on Power Day 2017!
Brenda Stocklin-Smith '16
Good Luck today!
Vincette Goerl '71
Congratulations to Mac on Power Day! My Facebook feed has been flooded with McPherson College posts this month. It’s bringing back such great memories of my time there.
Jacy Porter '13
It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!
Terry Bruton '92
I spent 10 years at Mac College as a student and employee, and I will never forget how it impacted my life. I met my now lifelong friends, husband, and co-workers that supported my career ambitions, including President Michael Schneider. Go Bulldogs!
Jess Reyes '09
Thanks for all you do!
Stacey Bruton '92
Proud to be a MC AR alum! Go Bulldogs!
Tabetha Hammer '09
Go Bulldogs!
Wally Bunk '72


Bulldog Memories

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Power Day Updates

Power Day: Roger Trimmell

Equity Bank gives to Power Day!

Equity Bank gives to Power Day!

Thanks to Equity Bank and MC alums Patrick Salmans ’90, Julie Huber ’92 and Brad Elliott ’89 for their gift of $5,000 to Power Day!


A gift from the Paul Family!

A gift from the Paul Family!

Ken Paul and Brent Paul ’00 present a $20,000 Power Day gift to Michael Schneider ’96 and David Barrett ’90.


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