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Pre-Health Professions Club

PHP Club

What is the Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Club?
This is a group of like-minded students who are planning to enter graduate school after McPherson College and pursue a career in a health profession. This group is designed to help and support each other as they prepare for graduate school and future professions. The group also conducts activities that gives the members experience and volunteering/ service opportunities.

The club maintains its own library that contain graduate school test prep materials. The members can check out material and keep them until they take a particular test such as MCAT, DAT, GRE etc…

Who can join?
Any person who is registered as a student at McPherson College and has plans to pursue a career in a health profession or a health related profession such as graduate school in a Specific Science (Chemistry/ Biology/ Bio chemistry etc…). There is no application fee.  PHP membership form

Club Activities

Fall Food Drive to Benefit the McPherson County Food Bank: Every fall, the PHP club organizes a food drive which runs from mid – October to early November. Nonperishable food items collected are delivered by the club members to the McPherson county food bank before Thanksgiving. (pics from the last years)

Spring Science Day: The PHP club members volunteer to conduct a science day on the ‘No lectures’ day in between the Interterm and the Spring semester every year.

Volunteering at the college ‘Blood Drives’.

Volunteering opportunities – ‘Camp I Believe’ and ‘Kindred Hospice’ with the collaboration with Jen Jenson.

Career Preparation

  • Guest speakers from various fields visit the club every month.
  • Create connections with individuals involved in medical occupations.
  • Give information about health profession.
  • Access to various internships and shadowing opportunities.
  • Provide useful tips and resources for obtaining an advanced degree; applying to graduate school, medical school, pharmacy school, etc. and gaining field experience.

Office Members

Adviser: Dr. Manjula Koralegedara
President: Garrett Owen
Secretary: Samantha Nelson
Treasurer: Sebia Kalambayi
Sophomore Representatives: Allison Penalva, Neville Kabangu, Tameria Macon
Freshman Representatives: Will, Lilly Balderas, Hannah Wolff, Haley Hurst, and Bailey

Past member:
Parkes Wolters
Keisha England
Lexi Lynn
Andrea Kadeba
Yann Kadeba
Amy Makovec
Ashley (Frankenberry) Long (Founded the club with a Horizon Fund Grant)